How Much Should You Spend on a Diamond, Realistically?

How much should you spend on a diamond? Guys, you know I can’t tell you this. I know, I’ve failed you. But this should come as no surprise consider I can’t… Tell you how much a 2 carat diamond costs Tell you how much a Lauren B engagement ring costs Authenticate your Love Bangle Or even tell you how much you should spend on an engagement ring. Oh, wait, that’s what we were talking about in the first place.   The answer, of course, depends on so so very many other factors. What’s your salary? How much do you enjoy Read More →

What’s The Most Expensive Diamond Shape?

What’s your favorite diamond shape? Mine is oval. No wait. It’s radiant. No – oval. Asscher maybe? Ok probably oval let’s stick with oval today. Anyhow, every girl’s got a favorite diamond shape (or two, three tops.) But do you ever wonder how price factors into your fave? What’s the most expensive diamond shape? As usual, with every and any question about engagement ring costs, the answer isn’t really straightforward. It depends on the diamond’s overall makeup – they’re so unique that each stone must be considered individually and evaluated on all of its facets (literally and figuratively) to come up Read More →

Jewelry Chain Stores – Why to Skip Them

The onset of November means a few things around here. Firstly, that I’m plying anyone who comes within a 50 foot radius of my front door with leftover Halloween candy. Why do I always buy the extra bag? WHY? And why do I inevitably open it for the last two Trick or Treaters? If you have a hankering for plain M&M’s (lol, like anyone ever does) or Smartees, please meet me at the J. Parker this Friday. I’ll be the woman enthusiastically embracing the return of poncho + legging season. The second thing, of course, is that ENGAGEMENT SEASON IS Read More →

Soft Square Halo Engagement Ring Eye Candy

Hello, hello! Today I want to show off some soft square halo engagement ring eye candy. Now, lately we’ve been discussing the essence of tackiness, and whether big engagement rings are tacky: “Someone, somewhere, has decided that big engagement rings are tacky. _____ shape engagement rings are tacky. Halo engagement rings are tacky. Fancy yellow diamond engagement rings are tacky. Rose gold engagement rings are tacky. Mosaic engagement rings are tacky. And on, and on and on. But just remember – that person has snot in their coffee and you have a gorgeous engagement ring that you love.” Read the whole Read More →

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