Best Ring Designs for…Round Diamonds!

Today I’m starting a new column about the best ring designs. I hope to show off some of the most fabulous ways for you to show off your dream diamond. It’s all about the setting…so that the end result is all about your rock, you know? With the right supporting engagement ring setting, your center diamond (or morganite, aquamarine, sapphire, etc.) remains the center of attention – which is exactly what you want when it comes to the best ring designs. Today let’s chat about round brilliant diamonds and the best ring designs for showing off this particular diamond. If Read More →

Halo or No Halo Engagement Ring? That’s The Question

If you’re getting ready to pop the question, you might be wondering if you should shop for a halo or no halo engagement ring. First of all, my friend, you need to start here. You gotta figure out: How to get the perfect engagement ring. How to get a great deal on it. (And extra credit) Why you should shop for a diamond, not a certificate. Now that you’ve met your core requirements, you can start stalking her Pinterest boards or going back through all the rings she’s tagged you in on Instagram. Ideally, you’ll begin to notice a theme. Read More →

How Long Does It Take To Make a Ring?

How Long Does It Take To Make a Ring? Many soon-t0-be-engaged people find themselves asking this question this time of year. Engagement Season is nearly upon us! It’s the magical time of year when over 30% of all couples get engaged, thanks to a confluence of romantic factors that just urge lovebirds everywhere to put a ring on it. I love it. And with many minds turning towards proposal ideas, they also start contemplating the important brass tacks of proposing: How to get a perfect ring How to get a great deal on a ring How to avoid overpaying for Read More →

Lauren B Jewelry Prices

Lauren B jewelry prices are a topic of frequent discussion in their (amazeballs) Instagram account’s comments section. Fans can’t get enough of those sparkling diamonds set in beautiful micropave bands! The invisible gallery is a signature design of theirs that never fails to make me drool – so airy, so sparkly! Their oval diamond creations in particular make my heart go pitter patter, and I love seeing their new work – definitely a jeweler to watch. And unlike so many Instagram “jewelers” they actually sell the gorgeous rings they show off! But once you move past tagging your bestie and or boyfriend Read More →

Sapphire Engagement Ring Settings

You want sapphire engagement ring settings? I’ll give you sapphire engagement ring settings. It’s September’s beautiful birthstone, and I can’t get enough of this gorgeous rock. But first, an apology. Perhaps you noticed I’ve been absent the past two weeks here on Designers & Diamonds (if you have, I love you.) More likely you didn’t but whatever, I missed four opportunities to deliver some of the bling my people want and crave, and for that I’m truly sorry. We had a minor server apocalypse on the RLJ blog and needed to sort out bugs (all hands on deck.) Now all is Read More →

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