9 Unique Engagement Rings You Need to See

Is it just me, or does the demand for unique engagement rings seem to have skyrocketed? It can’t be just me! I’m basing my statement on the trifecta of observational evidence: (1) literally everyone I know is getting engaged and married, (2) I spend more time than should be legal ogling beautiful engagement rings online, and (3) working for Raymond Lee Jewelers & Diamonds by Raymond Lee grants me front-row access to the best trends in engagement rings. This isn’t my imagination people, more and more brides are requesting unique engagement rings. And why? It’s not like brides throughout history Read More →

Antique Engagement Rings

So on Tuesday, we chatted about vintage engagement rings. The word vintage is meant to denote a specific age, but because it’s not specific in jewelry (as opposed to its use in the wine world) it’s open to interpretation and abuse. When it comes to vintage engagement rings, you can get away with calling a 20 year old ring vintage, but it won’t have that “look” you’re likely going for. If you stick to the 50 year old range, you’re getting closer. And the term “vintage style” refers to a modern ring that borrows from eras of past glamour. But Read More →

Vintage Engagement Rings: What You Need to Know

Time to get the skinny on vintage engagement rings. Vintage is hot – you don’t need to look further than the acid wash, high waisted jorts, crop tops, Doc Martens and chokers on trendy undergrads to find evidence. And just try not to think too hard about the next decade of fashion that will resurge after this one (we can’t go back to early 2000’s fashion! We won’t! But it’s already too late.) It does seem like fashion is on a 20 year cycle sometimes, with vintage inspiration popping up every few decades with a new twist. And when it comes to Read More →

A Weird Way To Save Money On An Engagement Ring

Wanna know a weird way to save money on an engagement ring? Yes, I’m aware this sounds like that ad with Apple Cider Vinegar that insists a Harvard grad used it to lose 30,000 lbs. But you still clicked, right? And this isn’t clickbait. I’ve got some practical takeaways for you. The first “weird” thing…shop in person. I don’t care if you spend every night for a month researching diamonds on every single online jeweler you can find on Google. Actually I do, but only because I love you and care about your sanity. I also don’t care if you pin Read More →

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