Marquise Engagement Rings

For some reason the marquise gets a bad rap. It’s really not fair, because they’re incredibly beautiful when done right. True, one with the wrong cut will get “the bow tie” effect, where the center of the diamond’s facets look dark, like a black bow tie. But for the most part they’re lovely. It’s a very unique shape you don’t see that often anymore (they were basically the cushion cuts of the 70’s and 80’s though) making it perfect for the bride who wants something different. They’re also one of the shapes that appears larger than their carat weight, thanks Read More →

Budget Engagement Rings Under $3000

When it comes to engagement rings, everyone has a budget. Even if that’s a number with so many zeros it looks like binary code. But when you start shopping for budget engagement rings, it’s a different story. Today, I want to show off some gorgeous engagement rings under $3000. While 3k is a lot of money, it’s not always considered a big budget when shopping for engagement rings – some designer settings can cost more than twice that amount. But it shouldn’t be assumed that you can’t get a beautiful ring for that amount of money (which is, to many Read More →

How to #HintHint Your Way to the Perfect Engagement Ring

Ladies, engagement season is upon us, and with it hinting season. Engagement season is an honest, real-life phenomenon that begins riiiiight around Thanksgiving and lasts through V-Day. I’d imagine it’s the grown up equivalent of cuffing season. Or at least its logical conclusion (yes I spend far too much time on Instagram.) Anyway, according to The Knot’s stats, it’s the time period when 40% of all marriage proposals happen. 17% of all proposals actually go down (on one knee) on the same 10 days each year, including Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years’ Day, and Valentine’s Day. So no, you’re not just Read More →

Marvelous Morganite Rings

If you ever heard the saying, “pretty in pink” you might think of a woman wearing a colorful blouse or dress in a pink shade. Yet this saying should also apply to jewelry, as women adore the pink gemstone hues of rare morganite gemstones. What Is Morganite? Morganite has always been around for millions of years. Yet when gemologists discovered this rare gem, it was termed “pink beryl.” Part of the beryl family, the stone is distinguished by its amazing pink color that ranges from a light peach color to a violet pink. This stone was first discovered in early 1911 Read More →

Rock Beats Paper – Shopping for Diamond Certificates vs. Diamonds

Your entire life you’ve been led to believe that paper beats rock. When it comes time to buy an engagement ring, the maxim gets reversed. When a jeweler specifies that a diamond comes with papers, we mean it comes with a certificate – a report card from a third party gem grading lab that essentially states a diamond is what we say it is. It serves as “proof” that the G color grade, VS1 clarity grade diamond in front of you is exactly that. When it comes to the lab issuing the grade, there’s much discussion about GIA (the Gemological Institute Read More →