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A $1 Million Diamond and Pearl Swimsuit? Why Not!

Remember when you read about a celebrity gifting her spouse a five million dollar watch and thought it was excessive? Australia’s designer Ann Middleton has knocked excessive out of the park with her new swimsuit design. Studded with diamonds and South Sea pearls, the cost of such an extravagant splash in the pool is just under one million dollars. No article has revealed if one size fits all. The million dollar swim wear was designed by Ann Middleton for the Sunseeker label and launched at the Queensland, Australia Gold Coast Swim Fashion Festival held in November, 2013 at the Surfers’ Read More →

Top 10 Most Famous Diamonds

As the James Bond film title goes “Diamonds Are Forever” and like the film they are highly sought after. A great deal of diamonds are on the market that provide the luxury and appeal that luxurious collectors want. While not all of them are able to be purchased diamonds of exotic variety add a bit of variety and flair to the world making collecting diamonds more enjoyable for people of all walks of life. Be it in the Queen’s Palace, or in a normal wedding ring, diamonds create an excitement that is hard to match anywhere else in the world. Read More →

24 Karat Gold Leggings That Reduce Cellulite?

In the past years, the fashion industry has maintained an upward trend in terms of new inventions. Jewelers are key contributors to these innovations. So much jewelry is used to enhance people’s appearance. It is everyone’s desire to appear attractive and presentable, which is the reason for the wide use of the different kinds of jewelry. Gold is among the most precious and highly valued minerals used by jewelers. Research shows that the invention of 24kt Gold Leggings has had a tremendous impact in the jewelry industry by claiming to reduce cellulite. Many questions have been asked, including speculations that Read More →

December Birthstone Turquoise

The December Birthstone Turquoise December is here again and the gem to rock is turquoise, the traditional birthstone of the month. Actually, the American National Association of Jewelers adopted turquoise as the official December birthstone in 1912. The history about the turquoise stone is a very interesting one. Poets have even creative interesting pieces about its existence. The turquoise stone, which means the “Turkish Stone”, traces back to 5000 years. According to the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) it is among the oldest stones. It was among artifacts found in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia where it was used as a valuable Read More →

Spotlight On: December Birthstone Zircon

Many people place a certain significance in birthstones, knowing your birthstone can be a great way to accessorize your wardrobe, show others what your birth month is, and even make a statement. Though there are three birthstones associated with December, tanzanite, turquoise, and zircon, Zircon is the focus of this discussion. Brief History: Zircon is derived from the Arabic words zar and gun meaning gold and color. Though the most traditional color for a zircon stone is a light blue, the stone comes in a wide range of colors including yellow, orange, green, colorless, red, and brown. Though blue is Read More →