/Adele Amazes Fans With 6 Grammy Awards and Turns 24!

Adele Amazes Fans With 6 Grammy Awards and Turns 24!

Adele rocked the Grammy's with her stunning looks wearing Cartier earrings and a come back performance after vocal cord surgery!


What a way to celebrate turning 24 years old! At such a young age, Adele has accomplished more than most in an entire career. Her performance at the Grammy’s recently showed exactly why this amazingly talented singer and songwriter deserves such accolades and awards. With success starting in 2009 with her first release called “19“, she was well on her way to setting all kinds of records.

Adele singing "Rolling in The Deep" at the 2012 Grammy Awards.

As of today, she has amassed multi-platinum numbers with not all that many albums to her credit. This is clearly a testament to her credit which boasts of her early successes. As she turns 24, her sights must be set on creating another masterpiece in the near future.

With the incredible success of overcoming vocal cord surgery just a short time ago, the sky is the limit as to what she is capable of achieving. To show the world that her voice survived the microsurgery, she astonished the worldwide audience with a performance of “Rolling in The Deep” that will be in the archives as one of her best to date.

Adele pictured here with Paul McCartney at 2012 Grammy's.

This is one woman who has an astounding ability and character to continue moving, inspiring, and motivating people from all walks of life. Overcoming such challenging circumstances in her young life, she has shown a resilience with character. Truly an example for youth of today to use as a driving force for moving forward in life even when the obstacles seem so overwhelming.

While Adele is preparing for a life full of love, laughter, and inspiring others, we wish her all of the best in every aspect of her life and future endeavors as an extremely talented and beautiful musician. Adele, you are a true inspiration and we hope you have an amazing birthday celebration!


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