Are Halo Engagement Rings Tacky?

Are halo engagement rings tacky? To answer this question, we first have to revisit  my post on tacky engagement rings in general.

Tacky engagement rings encompass a huge swath of engagement ring styles, sizes, and even specifications… There are engagement ring styles for every bride, and for each of those “perfect fits” there are 5 styles that she’d never deign to wear without gagging. So tacky engagement rings are a matter of opinion, obviously.

If we can all agree that tackiness is in the eye of the beholder, why do we seem to keep circling back to the question “are halo engagement rings tacky?” If we can establish the logical conclusion that a ring is only as tacky as your FB frenemy deems it (#jealous), then why do halo engagement rings present the question once more, disrupting the soundness of our conclusion and functioning much like the flea that threatens to rip open the fabric of space and open the Upside Down?

Are halo engagement rings tacky?

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Because they are the Kardashians of engagement rings. Oddly enough, the ladies K don’t wear halo engagement rings, but if settings came to life, halos would be Kardashians. Ubiquitous. Unapologetically glamorous. Beautiful. And utterly unconcerned with how their “haters” feel.

Halo engagement rings don’t care for subtlety. Their rows and rows of glittering accent diamonds command attention and direct all eyes to their best asset (the center stone, duh.) Halo engagement rings will double down on their carat weight, adding diamonds to places you didn’t even know you wanted diamonds. Halo engagement rings don’t care that they shine, blinding with rainbows and luxury from every jewelry store window – you say “over-exposed” they say “popular.” They can’t help it. They wouldn’t if they could.

Are halo engagement rings tacky

And this ever-presence of theirs, like the Kardashians before them, means they see no shortage of backlash. Brides mostly fall into the love or hate category when it comes to halo engagement rings – very few find middling ground. Halo engagement rings would argue that regardless of how you answer “Are halo engagement rings tacky?” you could recognize a halo from miles away – and that’s exactly what a halo engagement ring wants you to do.

Are halo engagement rings tacky

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Even if you hate them, halos rest assured that you’ve seen them showing off their gorgeous diamonds, on Instagram. Halos don’t care that you think they’re tacky, because they know you’ve secretly pinned at least one to your #ringspo board and that if they ever release a remarkably overpriced lip product you’ll probz resign yourself, sighing, to just buying one already, dammit. Halo engagement rings think you can “do you” as it were, and keep your three stone emerald cut to yourself. They shall stay “on their grind.”

Are halo engagement rings tacky

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And grind they do. Because for every woman who thinks halo engagement rings are tacky, there are 5 admiring them. Halo engagement rings adore their fans, and the feeling is totes mutual. Halo engagement rings are more than just a pretty face; they turned their chance in the spotlight into a multi-million dollar tech empire and ventured into a place branded content’s never seen before in that their vocation is simply their existence and it makes them stupid amounts of money! No wait, that’s just the Kardashians. But if halo engagement rings ever do become sentient, you know what to expect.

Halo engagement rings:

-Make your center diamond look bigger

-Add more sparkle to your ring with exponentially more facets – all the better to catch the light and your attention

-Were made for women who love the finer things in life, and have no problem admitting it.

-Are instantly recognizable as the most popular modern engagement ring style

-Look damn fabulous in pretty much whatever they wear (rose gold, yellow gold, platinum, double halo, triple halo, split shank – you name it. They’ve worn it and werked it.)

Are halo engagement rings tacky

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Halo engagement rings don’t care if you think they’re tacky. They’re feeling themselves. Are halo engagement rings tacky? If you’re worried about the answer to this question, just think about how the halo itself would react.

Are halo engagement rings tacky?


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