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I'm the marketing director for Raymond Lee Jewelers, the voice behind Designers & Diamonds, and the crazy woman obsessively live Tweeting the lack of jewelry coverage at red carpet events.

Proposal Commandments

Hey guys! Remember when I told everyone that those “6 rules for proposing” floating around Pinterest were extremely stupid? Remember when, in a twist of karmic retribution, the stupid one was I all along, because I never saved that draft and the internet just ate the whole post? Remember how I re-wrote it? ‘Meeeember? Lest you think I’m all negative (LOL opposite) I wanted to pop up today with some proposal “rules” in the affirmative. The 5 proposal commandments, if you will. And there are only 5 because 10 is just bonkers. They are not carved in stone (ba-dun-ttsss) because, as Read More →

Emerald Engagement Rings

Emerald engagement rings have never been out of style. While sapphire engagement rings tend to get more coverage (thanks, Duchess!) emerald engagement rings are just as gorgeous. But I didn’t always see it that way. Did I covet every emerald ring that we bought for our estate collection at RLJ? Duh. But I thought they were relegated to cocktail parties and birthstone rings. I remember when Halle Berry got engaged with an emerald engagement ring, I had some qualms – could an emerald properly withstand a lifetime of love and happiness as a center stone? Emeralds are a precious gem, Read More →

Layering Necklaces

I love layering necklaces. Back in the olden days before I had a toddler I usually wore two at a time. Much to my delight they’re still going strong out there among fashionistas who don’t face a minute-by-minute risk of garroting if they wear them. And while there’s a few different approaches to layering necklaces (long lariat + dainty pendant, choker + pendant, pendant + pendant, etc.) I like the small, delicate touches best. They’re my favorite way to add a little symbolism – your kids’ initials, your birthstone, your husband’s anniversary gift to you – or even a way Read More →

Yellow Gold Engagement Rings

Before I started working at Raymond Lee Jewelers, I knew exactly what kind of engagement ring I wanted. It was a round brilliant halo with a plain platinum band set in an invisible gallery (floating style) setting. I was specific, I know. But banner ads back then were really effective on impressionable young diamond-lovers. Fast forward to me, strolling through the showcases at RLJ daily, like I was Belle in the library, marveling at the sheer variety of diamonds. Friendos, I literally didn’t know all those different shapes – let alone colors – existed. So when oval diamonds stole my heart first, and Read More →

Champagne Diamond Rings For The New Year!

The new year is here! And good riddance to 2016. Hopefully by now your champagne hangover has subsided. If it hasn’t, I am here with a little of the hair of the dog that bit you. Champagne diamonds, by their strictest definition, are those graded by GIA as “Fancy yellowish brown.” This means they fall on the fancy color spectrum and their predominant hue is brown, but with yellow undertones. Those fancy brown diamonds with orange undertones are considered “cognac” diamonds, euphemistically. The term chocolate diamond is a proprietary name for brown diamonds. Contrary to some belief, these diamonds aren’t Read More →

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