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Hello, gorgeous! Long time no speak, right? If you’ve noticed how quiet it’s been here and on the Raymond Lee Jewelers Blog, a) I love you and b) I owe you an explanation! I’ve been diligently working on some projects for our overall sites. I put new posting on the back burner to focus on some back-to-basics projects that explain the difference between our two beautiful stores and what it is we do at both of them. I had some fun posts lined up for the fall, but then LIFE happened. The best laid plans of jewelry bloggers, right? This isn’t Read More →

How to Make Your Engagement Ring Look More Expensive

If you think I’m going to say “throw a halo on it!” you’re incorrect. Though trust, I thought about it. But you already know that a halo makes your diamond look bigger. Today you’re here to find out how to make your engagement ring look more expensive – the whole thing. Metal Choice It’s no secret that platinum is the ultimate in precious metals. And while rose gold engagement rings and yellow gold engagement rings are having an undeniable *moment*, the most classic choice over the last hundred years is white metal. And remember, the engagement ring has really only been around about Read More →

Is a Halo Engagement Ring Right For You?

The debate between halo vs. no halo engagement rings only grows stronger. Like the swirling cloud of dragon’s breath and kicked up ice zombie snow gathering over Westeros, it feels like the final battle between halo lovers and haters is on the horizon. One camp simply adores the added dash of sparkle, the other despises everything about it, and ne’er the twain shall meet. But what if you’re…undecided? Don’t gasp, guys. It happens more often than you’d think. A bride just doesn’t know how she really feels about halos, is perhaps conflicted about their popularity, or trendiness, or the overall look. Read More →

Engagement Ring Budget Help

Today I want to talk about your engagement ring budget! Lee sent me this post from Beyond 4 C’s and I really liked the responses from other jewelers. While you might get a slight, slight discount on a diamond by buying in the summer months, it’s more likely luck of the draw. The last time I did a video on this topic for RLJ was 2012 and diamond prices dipped in the first half of the year. But…there was a lot going on in 2012, if you’ll recall. Diamond prices are more stable now, and really, they weren’t doing the crazy acrobatics Read More →

Yellow Gold Engagement Rings & Wedding Rings

Yellow gold engagement rings are one of my favorite “trends.” Can something be a trend if it’s as classic as yellow gold? Probably not, but yellow gold engagement rings seem to be making a comeback. Yellow gold adds warmth and uniqueness to your engagement ring and makes it stand out against a sea of (still predominant) platinum and white gold. Pure gold (24 karat) is too soft for engagement ring use – it would scratch, get marred and otherwise damaged way too easily. So usually you’ll see 18 karat (which is 75% gold) and 14 karat (which is 58.8%) yellow Read More →

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