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I'm the marketing director for Raymond Lee Jewelers, the voice behind Designers & Diamonds, and the crazy woman obsessively live Tweeting the lack of jewelry coverage at red carpet events.

Do You NEED Engagement Ring Insurance?

Do you NEED engagement ring insurance? Not in the same way you need a heart or to watch Jane The Virgin. And not in the same way you “need” those Sam Edelman lace up sandals. But absolutely closer to the former end of the spectrum. Some people consider engagement ring insurance a “nice to have” but you really need to think of it as a need to have. Think about the time your partner invested in hunting down and finding the perfect engagement ring for you. Now think about the financial investment. Now think about the emotional investment – that Read More →

Tacori Engagement Rings From The Ribbon Line for #TacoriTuesday

Tacori engagement rings from the Ribbon line are their answer to the gorgeous & popular twisted shank engagement ring phenomenon. This #TacoriTuesday I want to spend some time showing off these beauties. First we have to talk about twisted shanks. They’re known as lace shanks in some circles, and in fact that’s the branded name Verragio gives their twisted shank engagement ring settings. On Pinterest, I often see this style referred to as “infinity band” which is my favorite. I love the representation of forever on a ring that symbolizes a lifetime of love! I just don’t want people to Read More →

Tacori Engagement Rings – An Ode to the Original Bachelor Engagement Ring Designer

Did you know that Tacori engagement rings were the O.G. bling for the Bachelor franchise? It’s what helped launch the brand into the international spotlight. In Bachelor history, the leads gifted 11 engagement rings and 4 promise rings to their “lucky” final rose recipient. And while we all know one halo-loving Mr. Neil Lane makes his appearance in every finale episode now, things once were different. No tanned, poker-faced diamond mastermind arrived in Jamaica/Bahamas/Bermuda/St. Lucia, offering micropave galore. No no, there once was variety. An element of surprise. Chopard. Family heirlooms. Harry freakin’ Winston. Related: #TacoriTuesday Before the premiere of Jojo’s season, Read More →

Tacori Engagement Rings – Let’s Get Floral for #TacoriTuesday!

Spring has officially sprung! I never understood why people would get so jazzed about spring until these floral Tacori engagement rings changed my mind. Kidding. I never understood spring because I grew up in Florida, land of perpetual 80 degree temperatures. Flowers? Yeah, they’re everywhere. Birds chirping? Those stupid parrots that escaped from the zoo during Andrew wake me up every morning. “Sundress weather?” Uh, what else would I wear? Then I moved to Chicago. Mea Culpa, Northerners. I get it now. And so please, join me in shouting SPRING HAS SPRUNG! But back to #TacoriTuesday. These floral Tacori engagement rings Read More →

Moissanite vs Cubic Zirconia

Let’s chat simulants! If that word sounds sterile I apologize. Obviously nothing can evoke the same warm fuzzies like the word “diamond” can, but I bear no ill will toward these affordable alternative center stone options. Moissanite vs Cubic Zirconia Moissanite and cubic zirconia both stand-in for diamonds for those who don’t want the carbon. Perhaps for reasons relating to: Pricing (these two alternatives cost much less than diamonds) Sustainability (even recycled diamonds just don’t sit right with some people. They prefer these man-made options that guarantee eco-friendliness and present zero ethical gray area.) Responsibility (you can only lose so Read More →

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