/6 of The Best Healing Gemstones For Him

6 of The Best Healing Gemstones For Him

Most of the time here on Designers & Diamonds you’ll hear us talk about pieces from a female’s perspective. But we wanted to change things up a bit and so today we’re going to talk about things from his perspective. Men and women are wired to think and act in completely different ways but that doesn’t mean we should exclude them. Let’s get right into it.

Here are 6 of the best healing gemstones for him:

1. Green Tourmaline

The green tourmaline gemstone is the number one gemstone for men. This is a stone that taps into their inner strength as a man and helps to bring out the best in them. This particular stone alongside the gemstone epidote has been known to open the heart of a man. It allows them to tap into their inner passion and see things more clearly.

2. Malachite

If you’re looking for a gemstone to help attract love malachite is the one. Malachite has been known to provide men with a touch of “tough love.” It’s almost like an incentive for transformation. The energy from the gemstone stops you from being trapped in your own fantasy and gives you the chance to step into reality. The Malachite gemstone also helps you on your quest to find the perfect partner. It has a way of reminding you that no one is perfect and it encourages you to overlook another person’s imperfections.

3. Jasper

Another great gemstone for him is the Jasper gemstone. It is one of those gemstones that makes you feel more grounded and connected to the universe. It allows you to be able to relax a little and know that everything will work out the way that it’s supposed to.

4. Hematite

Hematite helps men establish and keep a strongly grounded foundation. This gemstone is highly recommended for strengthening your mental stability and understanding who you are as a man.

5. Pyrite

The Pyrite gemstone is known as a powerful money crystal for men. It often invites in the energy of abundance, wealth and prosperity which helps men have the ability to make thoughtful financial and business decisions. This is a gem that guides you in the right direction and provides you with the motivation you need to make the necessary moves to increase your finances. Pyrite can also act as a shield of protection and bounce off any negative energy that is directed at you.

6. Amethyst

A good gemstone to help men ‘get out of their own head’ and stay mentally clear is Amethyst. It creates a duality using grounding and uplifting energy to help you get out of your head and into your heart. The energy from this gemstone also helps you be able to trust your gut instinct more and your intuition instead of turning every situation into a deep analysis.

Final Thoughts

What did you think about these healing gemstones for him? Which one did you like the most? Or are you looking for something different? If you’re looking for something different you can shop more gemstones for him here.

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