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How to Make Your Engagement Ring Look More Expensive

If you think I’m going to say “throw a halo on it!” you’re incorrect. Though trust, I thought about it. But you already know that a halo makes your diamond look bigger. Today you’re here to find out how to make your engagement ring look more expensive – the whole thing. Metal Choice It’s no secret that platinum is the ultimate in precious metals. And while rose gold engagement rings and yellow gold engagement rings are having an undeniable *moment*, the most classic choice over the last hundred years is white metal. And remember, the engagement ring has really only been around about Read More →

Is a Halo Engagement Ring Right For You?

The debate between halo vs. no halo engagement rings only grows stronger. Like the swirling cloud of dragon’s breath and kicked up ice zombie snow gathering over Westeros, it feels like the final battle between halo lovers and haters is on the horizon. One camp simply adores the added dash of sparkle, the other despises everything about it, and ne’er the twain shall meet. But what if you’re…undecided? Don’t gasp, guys. It happens more often than you’d think. A bride just doesn’t know how she really feels about halos, is perhaps conflicted about their popularity, or trendiness, or the overall look. Read More →

It’s Your Story

It’s the beginning. It’s every time you re-wrote the rule book. It’s the uphill climb. It’s the late nights that turned into watching the sunrise. It’s that you once thought only about where you want to go, but now you have someone who makes you care about how you get there. It’s the feeling like you’ve finally met your match. It’s the new and beautiful desire to make someone else happy, that makes you happier than you could ever imagine. It’s refusing to settle for the status quo. It’s the beauty of the unknown, the daring to dream, the deep breath before you Read More →

East West Engagement Rings

Let’s talk about East West engagement rings! This style of engagement ring refers to how the center stone is set. Instead of vertically, an elongated fancy shape diamond – think oval, emerald cut, marquise, radiant, pear shape etc. – is set horizontally. You most commonly see this style with symmetrical elongated shapes, but I included pear shaped because I’ve seen some really cool bezel set East West engagement rings by Catbird floating around on Pinterest, and it’s a great style for brides who want something totally unexpected. Fancy shapes, I’m not sure if I’ve written about here (though I have Read More →

#Engaged Around The World!

If you didn’t post it on Instagram, did it even happen? Forget about stories now coming to literally anything with a screen in 2017, the buzz is all about making things officially #official – thanks to the good looking geniuses at Diamonds by Raymond Lee. We conducted a super scientific study (you’re welcome) and got down to the facts about #engagement on Instagram. And we aren’t talking about how many likes and comments you get on each post. We’re talking about what really matters here at Designers & Diamonds… diamonds. DBRL scoured literally all of Instagram, the whole thing, to Read More →

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