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Engagement Rings have been popular since the 1400’s. Proposing with an amazing diamond ring is a way of professing your love to your significant other. There are so many different styles, center stones, etc. that a person can choose from to use during a proposal.

Antique Engagement Rings

So on Tuesday, we chatted about vintage engagement rings. The word vintage is meant to denote a specific age, but because it’s not specific in jewelry (as opposed to its use in the wine world) it’s open to interpretation and abuse. When it comes to vintage engagement rings, you can get away with calling a 20 year old ring vintage, but it won’t have that “look” you’re likely going for. If you stick to the 50 year old range, you’re getting closer. And the term “vintage style” refers to a modern ring that borrows from eras of past glamour. But Read More →

A Weird Way To Save Money On An Engagement Ring

Wanna know a weird way to save money on an engagement ring? Yes, I’m aware this sounds like that ad with Apple Cider Vinegar that insists a Harvard grad used it to lose 30,000 lbs. But you still clicked, right? And this isn’t clickbait. I’ve got some practical takeaways for you. The first “weird” thing…shop in person. I don’t care if you spend every night for a month researching diamonds on every single online jeweler you can find on Google. Actually I do, but only because I love you and care about your sanity. I also don’t care if you pin Read More →

Engagement Rings Under $15000

Last week, I shared some of my favorite engagement rings under $5000. This week, I want to kick things up a notch – let’s check out what a budget of $15,000 gets you. First of all, this budget is generous – you’re going to get a damn fabulous ring. The average engagement ring across the whole US for 2016 was $5978 – but couples in certain locations spent a lot more. In South Florida, we typically see a bit of a higher spend than the average, and requests for engagement rings under 15000 are pretty frequent. Now, unlike our $5k budget, this budget grants Read More →

Engagement Ring Price

Engagement ring price – it’s the first topic on many a couples’ brains when they start shopping. No matter how hard you’ve fallen for a Verragio setting, a 3 carat cushion cut, or a Tacori stack, you know you’ve got to ask the hard questions. Just how much is this Pinterest dream ring going to cost me? And, obviously, the answer differs depending on the ring in question. But what determines that engagement ring price? A confluence of factors all work together to influence the final price tag on your ideal engagement ring. Everything from world affairs that influence the Read More →

Engagement Rings Under $5000

Engagement rings under 5000 dollars are BACK! I’ve shared a few of these budget series before, and I want to kick another one off today. I’m starting with $5k engagement rings and I’ll go up from here, but this budget is a pretty common starting point among the clientele at Diamonds by Raymond Lee. What’s a little misleading though, is that they’re looking for settings under $5000 – with extra set aside for the center stone. I’ve written about this before, in “Does that price include the center stone.” At RLJ, it’s a little more straightforward, because most of our Read More →