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Engagement Rings have been popular since the 1400’s. Proposing with an amazing diamond ring is a way of professing your love to your significant other. There are so many different styles, center stones, etc. that a person can choose from to use during a proposal.

The Velvet Engagement Ring Box: 21 Pins That Prove You Need One

Do you need a velvet engagement ring box? Yes, absolutely. In fact, the odds are looking more and more probable that you need at least two. Or one for every color in your wedding palette. Or maybe one for every day of the week. Or maybe enough that you can rotate them on your nightstand to coordinate with your mood. That should do the trick. The velvet engagement ring box first debuted a few years ago 2014. Wait, that’s wrong. The velvet ring box is older than any of us here on the good ship WordPress. The modern version – the Read More →

Perfect Pear Shaped Engagement Rings

Pear shaped engagement rings are so hot right now. Yes, that was a Zoolander thing and no, I don’t care how dated it sounds and nah, I’m not going to stop using it anytime soon. But pear shapes. Pear shaped diamonds are one of my favorite options for brides who are fashion-forward and like to stand out in a crowd. They aren’t a shape you see every day, so whenever you do spot one in the wild, it invites further admiration. Pear shaped diamonds are also incredibly versatile and look just as great in a contemporary halo setting as they Read More →

Art Deco Engagement Rings

So you love Art Deco engagement rings? Me too! If you start a fan club I will definitely join. The thing about Art Deco engagement rings is their lines. They’re geometric greatness just loaded into these tiny, lovely pieces of art for your ring finger. Now, let’s both go put on the flapper dresses we both know we have lurking in our bottom drawer, pour some contraband gin, and let Z: The Beginning of Everything play softly in the background while we chat about Art Deco engagement rings. Art Deco engagement rings are a) engagement rings b) from the Art Read More →

Mixed Metal Wedding Rings

Last week’s gallery of ring stack inspo has multiples of bling on my mind. And while I love (loooove lurve) a gorgeous, highly textured pile of gleaming white metal and diamonds, the eclectic in me got me thinking about mixed metal wedding rings. It just makes sense that a jewelry collection lovingly built and curated over time would have multiple metals. Even if you are a snow white Irish Norwegian descendant whose concealer shade is – I kid you not – “Vampira”, you step outside your comfort zone/preferred metal choice occasionally. So while I know I should stick to yellow Read More →

Ring Stack Tips: How To Rock It

Ah, the ring stack. My most favorite recent bridal jewelry trend. I love nothing more than to see just oodles of diamonds piled upon one another. Whether you start right out of the gate with two wedding bands, or you carefully curate a collection over the years, I say the more the merrier. I love the idea of anniversary bands, or thin stackable diamond rings given on birthdays, anniversaries, and to commemorate major milestones like children. It gives your bridal set a layered, lived-in look that has a story to tell. And if there’s one thing I love more than Read More →