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Gemstones are one of the most fascinating natural occurrences in the world. They come in an assortment of amazing colors. Pinks, Oranges, Blues, Greens! They are even being used as center stones in engagement rings now!

Champagne Diamond Rings For The New Year!

The new year is here! And good riddance to 2016. Hopefully by now your champagne hangover has subsided. If it hasn’t, I am here with a little of the hair of the dog that bit you. Champagne diamonds, by their strictest definition, are those graded by GIA as “Fancy yellowish brown.” This means they fall on the fancy color spectrum and their predominant hue is brown, but with yellow undertones. Those fancy brown diamonds with orange undertones are considered “cognac” diamonds, euphemistically. The term chocolate diamond is a proprietary name for brown diamonds. Contrary to some belief, these diamonds aren’t Read More →

February Birthstone Jewelry: AMETHYST!

Happy February, everyone! If you’re a lady who loves Valentine’s Day with the fire of a thousand suns, welcome to your own personal most wonderful time of the year. I know this is a rare breed, but one of my best friends happens to be one of these unicorns and she spares no one from Cupid’s arrow come V-day. Whether you’re her mailman or her Mom you are getting a valentine. Her love language is gifts. But there’s plenty to celebrate in February. Tomorrow is Groundhog’s Day, which I’ve been petitioning to make a gift-giving holiday for ages (it’s going Read More →

January Birthstone: Garnet

Garnet is a gorgeous birthstone for all January babies! This rich red gem is often mistaken for ruby, though it’s a totally different gem family. Whereas ruby is part of the corundum family (along with sapphire), garnets are a group of silicate minerals. Also included in the garnet party are spessartite and tsavorite (both of which I’ve written about before!) They come in a huge variety of colors including red, orange, yellow, green, purple, brown, blue, black, pink, and colorless. Red is by far and away the most prevalent, and in gemstones, it’s a glossy, glass-like sheen on these pretty gems! Garnet is Read More →

Part II – Buying Diamonds at a Chain Stores vs. Independent Jewelers

Yesterday, I got heated after reading this great post, then musing on the differences between chain jewelers and independents. The two just can’t be compared. Oh wait, yes they can. And I’m just the person to do it! I’ve popped into my fair share of mall stores and chain stores with girlfriends who wanted to just “get an idea” of what they like (in Chicago, when they can’t just come visit RLJ and pick out exactly what they want.) And every time I’ve been floored by the straight up misleading sales tactics used to push sub par diamonds on young, Read More →

December Birthstones!

December is here, and lucky December babies have not one, not two, but three beautiful birthstones to choose from. Four if you include blue topaz, which some people do! All are beautiful, wintry blue stones that range from icy to vibrant. Blue zircon, turquoise, topaz and tanzanite are all gorgeous gems with very different vibes. Bright turquoise can range from punchy and preppy to earthy and crunchy, depending on where the stones are from. Tanzanite’s purplish blue depths are regal and eye catching. Zircon and blue topaz recall frozen perfection. They’re all beautiful, icy stones that contrast with the warm Read More →

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