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Gold is almost always fluctuating in price. Depending on the day of the week and the penny weight of your gold the price will almost always change. If you ever have any questions about gold or just want to be more acquainted with the subject definitely read articles from this category.

Rose Gold Facts for Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day is comin’ in hot! And nothing is hotter this year than rose gold. Whether you want to propose this Valentine’s Day or you’re just looking for a sweet, sparkly something, rose gold is your best bet. Check some rose gold facts. Pure 24 karat gold is too soft to be used exclusively in jewelry. It would scratch, dent, and bend. So it’s blended with other metals, precious and otherwise, to create a more durable, beautiful alloy. This gorgeous alloy combines gold with copper, and sometimes silver, to produce a flattering blush. In 14 karat rose gold, the combo Read More →

Fat Tuesday!

Happy Mardi Gras, bling lovers. I hope you’ve taken time today to gorge yourself on King Cake, pazcki’s, ettoufe, and shrimp tacos! Whether you’re prepping for Lent, you’re nostalgic for your college trips to Bourbon Street, or you’re just really taking advantage of this #cheatday, anyone can find a good excuse to celebrate Fat Tuesday. Naturally, I’m celebrating with a face full of carbs that I already regret and all of my favorite green, purple, and gold jewelry. There’s nothing like beads when you’re 21 (or “21”) but for the post-grad crowd it’s time to upgrade your Mardi Gras finery. Read More →

Rose Gold Nike Fuel Band Gets a Bracelet-Like Makeover

The latest trend in personal gadgetry is the smartband: a device worn on the wrist capable of functions beyond just telling the time. So far, the smartband interfaces have been serviceable, but next week Nike is upping the ante. With the exception of the Jawbone UP, none of the smartbands currently on the market have taken fashion into consideration. The UP’s bracelet-like appearance is certainly smooth and sleek, but it is also rather plain. While innocuous, it definitely doesn’t make much of a statement (and isn’t that the true purpose of accessorizing?). Because really, why wouldn’t you want one of Read More →

Jay Z’s new Fragrance Goes For the “Gold Jay Z”

On November 20, 2013, Jay Z’s new fragrance will debut at Barney’s New York, accompanied by lots of fanfare and a media blitz.befitting the man himself. Named “Gold Jay Z,” the release culminates more than a year of hard work, perfecting the right scents to add to this signature debut fragrance, as well as indecisiveness about the perfect name for his fragrance. After running through, and rejecting, more than 3,200 possibilities for names, Jay Z grabbed the bottle containing the eau de toilette and proclaimed it to be gold. According to Parlux Ltd.’s Donald J. Luftus, the distributor of the Read More →

Money to Burn: 24kt Gold Rolling Papers

When most people go shopping for gold, they bring home jewelry or a collectible item. The newest craze in gold is something completely different, however. Lately, manufacturers have been producing cigarette rolling papers made of 24-karat gold in an attempt to lure in smokers who want a status symbol. It might seem as odds with the typical man who rolls his own cigarettes. He’s usually hoping to save money, but 24kt gold rolling papers certainly aren’t the most frugal choice. However, the Shine brand is targeting anyone who has money to burn — literally. Smokers of nicotine and marijuana now Read More →

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