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How to is a category that does exactly what it says. It shows you how to do things yourself! Whether you’re trying to figure out how to tell if a Rolex is real, how to tell if a Cartier Love bracelet is real, how to clean jewelry at home, how to spot a fake Rolex Milgauss, how to tell if a Hublot is real, or any other jewelry & watch related “how to” guides, we’ve got plenty for you to choose from!

How Much Should I Spend on An Engagement Ring?

Proposing to the love of your life is a once in a lifetime experience. There is no experience quite like the moment when you lay your love on the line for someone you want to spend the rest of your life with. For this reason, many men will put a great deal of thought into all the details of their proposal: where he will propose, what he will say, what the ring will look like, and numerous other considerations that must be thought about in advance. When it comes to choosing the right engagement ring, there are a number of Read More →

The Easiest Way to Buy an Engagement Ring

Buying an engagement ring online is the easiest way to buy an engagement ring. I like to think I’m somewhat impartial here because RLJ has an e-store and a showroom. So really, either way you buy your engagement ring (from Raymond Lee Jewelers) I’m happy. But here’s why I think you should go all digital for your diamond. Read More →

How to Clean Jewelry at Home Safely

Cleaning fine jewelry is easier now than it’s ever been. Expensive professional cleanings are no longer the norm now that there are products on the market that make it quick and easy to clean fine jewelry at home. Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaners An ultrasonic cleaner uses sound waves and liquid to safely and effectively clean delicate items such as jewelry, eyeglasses and even DVDs. Some types of ultrasonic cleaners use chemicals, others use regular tap water. It’s the sound wave technology that actually instigates the cleaning. Sound waves cause disturbances in the liquid, causing bubbles to form and cling to the Read More →

How To Spot a Fake Rolex Presidential

Rolex is easily the most counterfeited watch brand. This is simply due to its immense popularity. Black market counterfeiters love to knock off Rolex, be it a Submariner, a Milgauss, or even a fake Rolex President. Fake Rolex Submariners are a dime a dozen (Figuratively. A good fake will still set you back a couple hundred) but it’s not every day we see a fake ladies Rolex. This fake Rolex Presidential Ladies Datejust came with a customer who wanted to sell Rolex watches. Unfortunately, one was a fake! We snapped some pics in our never-ending quest for customer education. In Read More →

How to do Out of State Watch Repairs

For various reasons, you may find yourself in need of an out-of-state watch repair workshop. Whether you live in a remote area, your local jeweler isn’t equipped or authorized to service your watch brand, or you’d like to have your watch repaired for less, you may need to send your watch for out of state repairs. And while the thought of sending a valuable luxury watch through the mail may be disconcerting at first, rest assured that it can (and has been) done. We perform out of state watch repairs daily, and following these easy steps will ensure your favorite Read More →

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