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7 Rose Gold Engagement Rings You’ll Love

Rose gold is one of my favorite engagement ring “trends.” I hesitate to call it a trend, because I dream of a day when all three metal colors (white, yellow and rose) populate the engagement ring pool equally. I do think that day is near, with all of RLJ’s designer lines offering most rings in any of those options, or two-tone color combos of any of them. But it seems like white metals still reign supreme, with the occasional yellow gold or rose gold ring making an appearance in the bevy of “I said Yes!” IG posts I see each weekend. Read More →

Thirsty Thursday: Your Lips Taste Like Sangria

Ah, sangria. That most perfect vehicle for day-time wine drinking. That epitome of grown up juice. That classiest of liquids you can imagine drinking from a solo cup. Whether you’re at a backyard barbecue or a cozied-up hayride, sangria is the ideal early fall drink. It’s warming in a way that won’t overheat you (save the bourbon for December, y’know?) It’s a fantastic way to use up the 10 pounds of apples you accidentally purchased at the store (and really, something needs to wash down all that pie, applesauce, etc.) And, if you’re into this type of thing – which you almost Read More →

6 Rules for Proposing (And Why They’re Dumb)

You’ve seen this graphic before. It started as a high schooler’s Pinterest caption on this amazing ice skating rink proposal (arguably one of the first ninja photographer captured proposals.) It has since proliferated on Tumblr and now Instagram. And it’s terrible. 6 “rules?” Call me a rebel, but you already know I’m not one for rules when it comes to engagement rings and wedding planning. Go shopping for the ring together. Say yes if he proposes without a ring. Get him a ring if that’s your jam! When it comes to engagement rings, and the logically ensuing weddings, the only rule Read More →

Thirsty Thursday: Lollipop + Lemon Drop + Lime Coat

Whew, today’s happy hour is a doozy. I’m mixing lemon and lime with my favorite lollipop flavor – Ippolita. Ippolita is having a moment, and arguably started off the slice jewelry trend a few years ago. We still aren’t purchasing many pieces from their Lollipop collections, and that means it’s still hot hot hot – typically I’ll start noticing more and more of a certain style or “it piece” in the showcases as its popularity wanes and the owners sell to RLJ or come in to trade for something new. So current Ippolita pieces are diamonds in the rough at RLJ. Read More →

Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt Ideas

It’s not truly a bachelorette party until you and the bride check embarrassing things off a list. And since “Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt Ideas” is one of the highest rated search terms that sends people here, I figured I’d deliver the goods along with all the engagement ring eye candy I like to provide. No two brides are the same, so no two bachelorette bashes should be either! And it’s important to tailor the celebration to the guest of honor. If she’s not the type to order an unfortunately named shot loudly in a crowded bar, don’t insist she does it Read More →