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Chocolate Diamonds for V-Day

This Valentine’s Day, chocolate is the most important thing on the menu. And even if you’re on a diet, you can still indulge. Chocolate diamonds, sometimes called champagne diamonds when they’re lighter brown, are brown diamonds. Before their popularity surged, brown diamonds would just have been considered diamonds with strong clarity and cut but subpar color – no longer. The best part about chocolate diamonds, besides their beauty, is their price. They significantly less than white diamond counterparts, but offer the same bling. They’re a gorgeous addition to fashion jewelry pieces, and make a beautiful pairing with rose and yellow Read More →

February Birthstone Jewelry: AMETHYST!

Happy February, everyone! If you’re a lady who loves Valentine’s Day with the fire of a thousand suns, welcome to your own personal most wonderful time of the year. I know this is a rare breed, but one of my best friends happens to be one of these unicorns and she spares no one from Cupid’s arrow come V-day. Whether you’re her mailman or her Mom you are getting a valentine. Her love language is gifts. But there’s plenty to celebrate in February. Tomorrow is Groundhog’s Day, which I’ve been petitioning to make a gift-giving holiday for ages (it’s going Read More →

Should You Ever Buy an EGL Diamond?

Well if that’s not a trick question I don’t know what is! Asking “Should you ever buy an EGL Diamond?” Implies several other questions. Is an EGL diamond superior or inferior to other diamonds? Is this because it’s certified? or certified specifically by EGL? What’s EGL? What’s certification? What kind of wormhole have I opened? Henri Daussi Engagement Rings Well, the short answers are: Sometimes Sometimes Sometimes A diamond grading lab Please check here A reasonably sized one. EGL is one of the major gem grading labs. They issue a large portion of the certificated for diamonds in the trade, along Read More →

What Determines Diamond Pricing?

You already know I can’t tell you how much a 2 carat diamond costs. And I can’t tell you exactly why any given 2 carat diamond costs exactly what it does. I can, however, let you know factors that give us diamond pricing. Diamond pricing is determined by a delicate balance of a ton of characteristics. Everything from the “threat” of man-made diamonds to color and clarity treatment, to the state of world affairs affects a diamond. All of this in addition to the diamond’s inherent characteristics (and if you think things end with the 4C’s, just know that Cut itself has a dozen Read More →

Why You Shouldn’t Get a Knockoff Engagement Ring Designed

If you read through my posts about Cartier, you know how I feel about knockoffs. Not a fan. Not for designer jewelry, not for designer handbags, and certainly not for Swiss (“Swiss”) watches. When it comes to engagement rings though, my feelings had gone unexamined until a few weeks ago. I was monitoring the RLJ Insta feed, responding to comments, answering questions, sending bow-down emojis, etc. when I came across an @mention that caught my eye. Someone tagged their BFF or BF, I didn’t stalk that hard, and said “we could have the Pawn Shop make this!” Hold up. I Read More →