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Iconic Rolexes

Rolex is iconic in itself, but there are a few models that any watch lover will instantly recognize – and some most people can place but can’t name. Either way, these iconic Rolex models are the who’s who of the watch world. The Submariner The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner – commonly known simply as the Submariner – was first introduced in 1953 at Basel, and then at the 1954 Swiss Watch Fair. Submariners are specifically designed for diving and are known for their water resistance. Modern Submariners have 3 distinctions: Water Resistance: Water resistance of up to 1,000 feet- thanks Read More →

The History and Popularity of Rolex Models

There are very few people in the Western world who aren’t familiar with the brand Rolex. The exclusive high-end watch maker is well-known for their fashionable and expensive timepieces. The Rolex brand was created in 1905 and is now the largest luxury watch brand in the world, producing more than 2,000 watches every day and enjoying annual revenues in the billions of dollars. The company was founded by Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred David in London, with the intention of utilizing the best Swiss techniques and combining them with a unique style that would eventually become world famous. There are a Read More →

Watch of the Week: Rolex President Blue Dial

This week we’ve got the blues – the Rolex blues. This gorgeous yellow gold Rolex President blue dial watch boasts a unique face and diamond markers, and – of course – the presidential bracelet. But let’s let the watch do some talking. There’s nothing like opposites attracting the way they do in jewelry and watches – pair colors from opposite side of the color wheel and you’re guaranteed a showstopper. The rich 18kt yellow gold of the case and bracelet set off the deep blue ombre enamel dial perfectly and create a classic look. Now that this Day Date has Read More →

From Ancient Egypt to Contemporary Rolex: Meteorite Jewelry Stands the Test of Time

The expression, “There is nothing new under the sun,” takes on a whole new meaning when you consider the ancient ancestors of Rolex’s Meteorite Dial watches. In 1911, Egypt’s oldest known iron artifact, a 5,000-year-old iron bead, was discovered in a cemetery near Cairo. Over 100 years later, meteorite scientists at the Open University in Milton Keynes, UK have finally confirmed–through a combination of tomography and a structural analysis–that this archaic trinket was handcrafted by the ancient Egyptians from meteorites. Research indicates that these early artisans hammered fragments of celestial iron into thin plates, before manipulating them into beads. Previous Read More →

Watch of the Week: A Rare Rolex Chocolate Daytona

This week’s featured watch is nothing short of sick. The Daytona itself is a gorgeous and impressive watch. Its various color and metal iterations suit each wearer’s unique sense of style. Like the classics? Go for a yellow gold white dial Daytona on a strap. Like it luxe? Bracelet all the way, and a platinum Daytona might just be up your alley. If you’re a lady who loves the men’s watch look, we’ve got a black dial Everrose Daytona with your name on it. But the Rolex Chocolate Daytona is our new personal favorite. This gorgeous watch is a used Read More →

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