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Matchy Matchy: Chris Brown and Rihanna Rolex Watches

Alert TMZ – musicians Chris Brown and Rihanna were spotted wearing matching Rolex watches recently! As if the Twitter and Instagram pictures and song collaborations weren’t enough to fuel speculation that the former couple, whose courtship broke off years ago due to abuse, has rekindled their relationship. OK, we’ll leave the speculation to the likes of TMZ, we’re a jewelry blog, after all. So let’s do our due diligence and take a look at these snazzy Rolex watches. To start, they’re Rolexes, so it’s not like they’re cheap. Any watch where there’s a counterfeit market certainly isn’t going to be Read More →

Creative Watches Or Fascinating Timepieces? You Decide!

On the subject of watches, whether they are luxury or not, there are some amazing designs and looks that can really cause a double-take. Some brand names are really doing some cutting-edge creations. Just look at Rolex, Cartier, Tag Heuer, and Breitling as a few examples. The one new watch on the horizon that is creating a huge buzz is the Rolex Sky Dweller. Many other models are due out this year and show some incredible imagination. Likewise, you will see illustrations of some watches you probably have never heard of that look incredible. As you can see, innovation has Read More →

Timepiece Thursday: Breitling Watchmaker Sponsors “Jetman”

In our special edition of Timepiece Thursday, this week will be about how Breitling has sponsored a new project that tests the tenacity and commitment of one man to beat the odds. His name is Yves Rossy, more popularly known as “Jetman”. The reason for this nickname is a story all its own, and that is where we are going this week. In early May, 2012, he took to the skies over Rio De Janeiro by falling out of a helicopter with a set of wings and four, that’s right, four turbine engines. These miniature jet engines packed a punch Read More →

Celebrity Endorsements of Luxury Watchmakers Rolex, Richard Mille, and Tag Heuer

2012 has brought about a slew of celebrity endorsements for luxury watchmakers. This is nothing new to the industry, but it seems as though more of the most popular named Hollywood stars are taking the initiative to accept offers. Rolex, Tag Heuer, and Richard Mille are among the luxury watch companies showing a profound interest in the celebrity market. Natalie Portman has recently taken on the Richard Mille line to help design ladies luxury timepieces. She wore a  RM 007 Automatic to a dinner held in her honor for accepting the opportunity to work alongside Mille. Portman’s credits are extensive and Read More →

Timepiece Thursday: The “Looks” of Luxury Watches

This Timepiece Thursday, let’s gander at some watches just for their looks and not for the brand or some incredible new function or complication. It’s a change of pace and can give us some real eye candy from the timepiece genre. Nuvall has come out with a model called METAL. CH that has a very appealing color combination. The straps on both model types match the face with rose gold mixed with white or a gorgeous blue. The Nuval luxury watchmakers really caught a winner with this model. New to the market is a graphic designer’s dream come true. The Read More →

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