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Crystal Harris is Now Crystal Hefner

Crystal Harris married Hugh Hefner of Playboy fame on New Year’s Eve at the Playboy mansion in Beverly Hills. The wedding was markedly different than the huge blowout bash the couple planned the first time around – before Harris got cold feet and became a runaway bride just 5 days before the wedding. After the failed 2011 nuptials, Hugh and Crystal broke up. The couple spent much of the last year publicly enduring a very messy break up; Playboy Cover depicting Crystal as the Runaway Bride stung after she sold her 3+ carat diamond engagement ring to Christie’s. However, both Read More →

Return of the Ring: Courtney Robertson Engagement Ring Goes Back to Neil Lane

Another break-up for tinsel town. Here we go again. Got your Bachelor/Bachelorette scorecard handy? Courtney Robertson has reportedly returned the ring that Ben Flajnick gave her at the electrifying finale of The Bachelor this past fall. The ring is from Neil Lane and is a whopping 3-carat dazzler…the cost is calculated at $80,000. Wow, that is one tough ring to return. There is not a single reason she gave it back. There are actually two reasons. The first is that apparently Courtney got involved, over the weekend, with Arie Luyendyke who, are you ready for this, was the runner-up on Read More →

Top Ten Diamonds in the World

Diamonds have fascinated mankind for centuries. Their sheer beauty and elegance brought out by the master craftsman of the time. The most expensive diamonds ever known have been on display around the world, but you get to see them all right here. The ten most expensive diamonds of all time are right before your eyes. Number 10 The Allnet Diamond worth $3 million This was named after Major Alfred Ernest Allnatt and weighs 101.29 carats. It is a cushion cut and rated as a fancy yellow diamond.   Number 9 The Moussaieff Red Diamond This 5.11 carat diamond has been Read More →

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