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Yellow Gold Engagement Rings

Before I started working at Raymond Lee Jewelers, I knew exactly what kind of engagement ring I wanted. It was a round brilliant halo with a plain platinum band set in an invisible gallery (floating style) setting. I was specific, I know. But banner ads back then were really effective on impressionable young diamond-lovers. Fast forward to me, strolling through the showcases at RLJ daily, like I was Belle in the library, marveling at the sheer variety of diamonds. Friendos, I literally didn’t know all those different shapes – let alone colors – existed. So when oval diamonds stole my heart first, and Read More →

Tacori Engagement Rings for #TacoriTuesday

Time for another round of #TacoriTuesday with the most delectable Tacori engagement ring eye candy this side of Mars. Tacori engagement rings always top my list of cravings when I’m looking for the absolutely most mouthwatering rings, and I don’t have to look farther than Diamonds by Raymond Lee’s Insta to satisfy. Seriously, we serve up gorgeous Tacori engagement rings on the regular, with plenty of other beautiful designer settings. but since it is #TacoriTuesday, let’s refresh just why I’m so obsessed with Tacori engagement rings: Handcrafted in California Easily customizable – fo’ free – to whatever specifications you dream Read More →

Tacori Engagement Rings For The Summer

Summer time, summer time, summer time! If you don’t have that Matt Nathanson song on every BBQ playlist in your Spotify account, please go rectify your situation immediately. Then come back for some Tacori engagement rings with enough ice to cool you off. Tacori engagement rings just scream summer – especially in rose gold and yellow gold. They’re perfect for showing off at all of the 8,000 weddings on your iCal this summer. They’ll star in all your vacay Insta paps. They’ll inspire envy among every woman in the (too) crowded rooftop bars, glittering in the sunset like ice cubes Read More →

Tacori Engagement Rings Halo Edition – #TacoriTuesday

Time for some halo Tacori engagement rings to celebrate #TacoriTuesday! At this point you’ve heard me blather on about halo engagement rings for the better part of five years. It’s time for me to stop calling them a trend (actually that was probably a year or two ago, but I digress.) That “trend” is here to stay and firmly cemented in the hallows of engagement ring style history now. And I covered some Tacori halo engagement rings back in March, but given the bonkers amount of Tacori goodies I must show you, we have more to explore today. Tacori calls halos Read More →

Tacori Engagement Rings That Took Over Insta In May

Can you believe it? Tomorrow is June, and it seems like just yesterday we were posting “It’s Gonna Be May” memes from Justin’s glory days. But #MDW ushered in the unofficial start of summer, and I’m here to re-cap the best Tacori engagement rings from this month’s #TacoriTuesday posts on the Gram. If you aren’t following me yet, click here and follow along before we go on. I will wait. Yay! You’re back, now let’s ogle some Tacori engagement rings eye candy from the month of May. I’ve helpfully provided my deep & insightful original captioning, with elaboration as necessary 😉 ?This Read More →

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