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How Often Should I Have a Vintage Watch Service?

A common question asked by those who have had a vintage watch passed on to them, or have spent a pretty penny buying one, is: how often should I have a vintage watch service? There’s a stigma about old mechanical items—be it a vintage Omega or a classic car—that says they will break down more often than a new item. While this may sometimes be true, it’s also important to keep in mind a vintage Rolex or vintage Patek Philippe are incredibly well made, by people who cared about their jobs and the products they were crafting by hand. There Read More →

Watch Losing Time? What Makes a Watch Gain or Lose Time?

No More Lost Time There’s a reason we wear watches– besides the accessory aspect of a beautiful timepiece, we also (surprisingly) use these wrist pieces to keep track of the time. With this being said, it’s important to make sure your watch is not playing tricks on you and giving you an inaccurate time. Have you ever experienced this? You glance down at your wrist and could swear that you’ve witnessed your watch gaining time. Since it seems that time is flying by more quickly than ever, we want to make sure you’re not losing anymore time because of your Read More →

How to do Out of State Watch Repairs

For various reasons, you may find yourself in need of an out-of-state watch repair workshop. Whether you live in a remote area, your local jeweler isn’t equipped or authorized to service your watch brand, or you’d like to have your watch repaired for less, you may need to send your watch for out of state repairs. And while the thought of sending a valuable luxury watch through the mail may be disconcerting at first, rest assured that it can (and has been) done. We perform out of state watch repairs daily, and following these easy steps will ensure your favorite Read More →

The Basic Parts of a A Watch – Weekly Web Series

We’re back this week with another installment of our web series. We love discussing and dissecting watches here at Raymond Lee Jewelers’ Boca Raton watch center, and we figured that a basic breakdown of watch parts would be helpful. The parts outlined below are the simple aspects that nearly every timepiece shares. Liz for Raymond Lee Jewelers South Florida’s choice for buying and selling luxury watches, preowned watches, and watch repair. Related articles How to Sell a Rolex – Web Series( Vintage Watches at Raymond Lee Jewelers – Web Series( How To Sell Your Watch – Get the Most Money Read More →

Luxury Watches – The New Breitling Unitime

Breitling’s New Luxury Line-up Whenever the production of fresh and new designer watches is released, there are certain expectations that typically come along to enhance levels of excitement or positive anxiety. It is all good; preparing the future clients for what is anticipated to be an experience to remember. We all know the Chronomat GMT has turned heads, but recently Breitling caught the attention of other watch brands and aficionados of  luxury watches. Presenting to the public the enhanced warranty offers of 5 years on all in-house movements and including the “Manufacture Breitling Caliber”, the intentional expansion of its line with these Read More →

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