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Watches for Women

Watches aren’t just for men anymore. In fact, they never were. Watches for women were the very first wristwatches, pioneered by gals like Elizabeth I and Marie Antoinette. So when – and why – did we start thinking of watches as men’s territory? A Y chromosome doesn’t make you the sole proprietor of the Aquanaut. Today we’re here to take back watches for women. And you know what, we’re just going to take some from the guys while we’re at it. After all, some women love wearing men’s watches. Oh, and one more thing – let’s just go ahead and call Read More →

Watch Trends Part II

Taller guys, bigger guys, and the occasional professional athlete shopping for watches still make a beeline for the Big Bangs. And great design details like matte brushed rose gold, chronographs, skeleton cases and intricately patterned dials elevate the larger watches. A great example of the enormous-meets-elegant aesthetic is the Rolex Sky-Dweller. The Sky-Dweller definitely has presence on the wrist with a 42mm case, but it also marks Rolex’s first complication since the Yacht-Master’s debut. The dual time-zone and annual calendar features mark the demand for a high performance complication watch that’s heftier than the typical complication. And while the Sky-Dweller Read More →

Men’s Watches Style Guide

Men’s watches remain a wardrobe staple for the well dressed man, and yes, I do mean actually watches. While the Apple watch has its place, and is a fun tech accessory, it doesn’t take the place of the luxury wristwatch. The two can coexist, whether on the wrists of different wearers, or on the same men (but at different times.) I don’t recommend doubling up your Apple Watch and your Rolex any time soon. Or ever. Current trends for men’s timepieces include ceramic watches, rose gold watches, watches with a vintage appeal and re-issues of classic timepieces. Ceramic watches offer Read More →

This Christmas: Inexpensive Designer Watches

The wrist watch is that rare gift that is stunning and impressive, but also a safe bet. Everyone needs more socks, but give someone a pair of socks for Christmas and watch the look of delight fade from their faces. Everyone needs to be able to tell time, and when you give a beautiful watch, their eyes simply light up. Whether you’re buying a gift for your wife or your husband, your friend or your co-worker, your brother, your sister, your mom or your dad, a good wrist watch can really create some happy moments. Here are four of the Read More →

Luxury Watches

Have you sat down to really think about the most expensive luxury watches from all the major brands? Why not? It’s a nice exercise in meditation and French pronunciation. Or at least the practice of picking one’s jaw up off the floor because these prices. They are bananas, but the watches, they are gorgeous. And powerful, and manufactured by luxury houses whose history spans centuries. Early watchmakers performed feats of engineering that laid the entire foundation for our modern watchmaking process- even with all of our new technology, the greatest leaps and bounds were made centuries ago in small Valle Joux Read More →

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