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What to Do if You Don’t Like Your Engagement Ring

You’re engaged! Congratulations! But your ring is…not what you imagined. It’s ok! Now is when you and I disquiet that inner monologue, playing out like the comments section of a clickbait Facebook post. You are not a gold digger. You are not a materialistic monster. Obviously the most important thing about your engagement is that you love the great guy you’re marrying. But it’s not the only thing! The ring is allowed to be an important part of your engagement (otherwise I wouldn’t spend so much time talking about it!) And all those haters in our imaginary comment thread probably relished Read More →

Engagement Ring Budget Series: Under $5000

This week, I’ll be sharing my favorite engagement rings in our most popular budgets. The average ring at RLJ sells for anywhere from $4,000 – $8,000, (which makes sense, with he average US engagement ring falling right around $5,000.) We have a generous amount grooms who do shop above this budget, but for the most part, we want to ensure we have a huge selection for our guys shopping in that budget. Today, we’re stepping up from $4000 to engagement rings under 5000 dollars – you’d be surprised what that extra $1000 can get you! This 18k White Gold GLS Cert. Read More →

Emerald Cut Engagement Ring Eye Candy

I’ve waxed poetic about emerald cut engagement rings before. And I’ve even broken down exactly what you need to look for when buying one. In short: You need an excellent cut grade. This goes for every shape of diamond – you need the best you can afford. But it’s especially important with an emerald cut because the facets are so spare. Which means you also need a higher than average clarity grade. I wouldn’t recommend going below a VS (Very Slightly Included) grade, though there are always exceptions. Remember to shop for the diamond and not the certificate. Trust me, Read More →

Part III – Buying An Engagement Ring Online vs. In Store

Ok. Now we’ve covered the fact that there is a big difference between buying an engagement ring online vs. in store depending on what kind of store it is. And then we covered exactly what those differences are when you’re comparing chain stores to independents. Now, let’s leave chain stores out of the equation entirely (as they should be.) It’s time to compare buying an engagement ring online to buying an engagement ring at a local (independent) jeweler.   First, we need to control for a few things. The first is reputation. I liked that the Money Under 30 post Read More →