/Spotlight On: Christophe de Menil

Spotlight On: Christophe de Menil

Christophe de Menil is a unique woman with much to offer. She was born into an aristocratic family in France and later raised in Houston, Texas. Since her youth, Ms. de Menil has been known for her sense of style and detailed knowledge of the arts.

Christophe de Manil pendant

Christophe de Menil had had a long and colorful life. She studied religion, married (and later divorced) a Buddhist scholar and subsequently became a women’s fashion designer. While her first line of clothes did not last long, they earned the admiration of many people who could not help but notice her great talent for style. However, Ms. de Menil only jumped into designing jewelry after the death of her grandson, Dash.

Christophe de Menil Jewelry

Ms. de Menil makes no secret of the fact that her jewelry is inspired by the ocean and its teeming wildlife. This inspiration is clearly apparent to those who purchase her rings, earrings, pendants and necklaces. The jewelry items are cast in sterling silver and then plated in either gold or rhodium. However, Ms. de Menil does create solid gold items on request.

Christophe de Manil Seaweed Rings
Christophe de Manil Seaweed Rings

The beauty of Ms. de Menil’s jewelry lies in its simple yet classic sense of style. While some jewelry items are certainly intricate, they are not overly ostentatious and most of them do not contain a single gemstone. This helps to bring out the style of the piece itself and women who wear this jewelry stand out for their stylish demeanor without appearing overly rich or flashy.

Christophe de Menil Apparel

Ms. de Menil’s T-shirts are far from formal. They are plain in color yet each shirt features an exotic animal. The style of the shirts is simple yet classy and there are various color options to pick from. The women’s outfits, on the other hand, are completely black and can be worn for a variety of occasions. Some outfits are informal enough to wear while out and about while others are clearly meant for those attending a formal event.

Christophe de Manil T Shirts

Like Ms. de Meni’s jewelry line, the clothing line is not overly ostentatious. Instead of adding flashy colors and outlandish design styles, Ms. de Menil has given her clothes a classy yet very feminine feel. The clothing is sleek, sexy and suggestive without exposing much of a woman’s body. There are many fabric options to pick from, including Italian wool crepe, rayon stretch, barathea, mohair and silk taffeta. All outfits match particularly well with Christophe de Menil’s jewelry line and a woman who appreciates the jewelry she offers is sure to appreciate one or more of her outfits as well.

Wool Crepe Jumpsuit

Christophe de Menil is a talented woman who has much to offer the world of jewelry design. While many well known jewelers leave their mark by creating large, colorful jewelry items that are impossible not to notice, Ms. de Menil has instead opted to create simple, classy, feminine jewelry that inspires awe and admiration from those who see it. Her inspiring works of art are extremely versatile and can be worn not just for formal occasions but also while out and about town.

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