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This is part one of many. Diamond buyers guide. There are lots of different kinds of people out there. Some want to be heavily educated before making any kind of luxury purchase. While others are not so interested. Our goal here is to appeal to both types. We are trying to make it a little easier on you (the diamond buyer) when making a diamond purchase. To begin understanding diamonds, the four c’s are critical. The four c’s of diamonds are carat weight, color, clarity and cut. You can get a complete understanding of the four c’s on GIA‘s websiteClick here to visit the page specific to the four c’s on GIA’s site. The next thing you need to know is about the certificates diamonds come with. There are tons of company making pretty laminated certificates for diamonds. These certificates are a summary of all the details of a diamond. The details on a diamond certificate include the four c’s. The important thing here is all certificates are not created equal. Some diamond laboratories are more liberal with their grading than others. Thus, two diamonds with similar characteristics with certificates from different laboratories can be unequal in price. Our opinion is that diamonds with certificates from GIA or The Gemological Institute Of America are the best. This is the worlds most credible laboratory hands down. Other diamond laboratory certificates commonly found in jewelry stores and online diamond retailers are EGL certificates or European Gemological Laboratories, AGS or American Gemological Services and a bunch of others. EGL is on the more liberal end of things. The European Gemological Laboratories in the United States has a better reputation than there other locations all of the world. However, EGL U.S.A still does not have the same standard of grading as GIA. AGS has a somewhat comparable reputation to GIA. However, I have seen discrepancies in grading and would tend to agree with GIA. To be continued………………..

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