Diamond Shapes by Personality

When it comes to diamond shapes, there may not be many (under a dozen) but the setting is what makes their personality – and yours – shine through. That’s where you can get really custom, really crazy, and really unique. Or Uneek. Whatever floats your boat.

Diamond Shapes

A funny thing though – the most popular of the diamond shapes seem to attract specific personalities. It’s fun to guess which ones my friends will pick out when we all wax poetic about diamond shapes over a glass of vino. I can usually peg them, but sometimes they surprise me (and I have to remember to change their preference in my top secret notes for their boyfriends.)

You may surprise yourself by which shape attracts you the most…

Diamond Shapes

Round Brilliant – The classic. This is for my girl who always thinks with a clear head. Who always plans for the future. Who has a sensible job, solid career, and most likely a 10 year plan. She prefers a red lip and little black dress to the Kylie Lip kit or a For Love & Lemons ensemble you’ve seen on many a WWE Diva. She’s a classic. She’s timeless. And she wants her diamond to reflect the same. She may shake things up with a fun setting shape, but she always stays true to her roots.

Diamond Shapes

Pear – The fashionista! She’s ahead of every curve, starting with the ones on her diamond. Look for the pear to make a big comeback. And look on the finger of your most stylish friend to see where it started. She keeps things fresh and probably wants this set in a halo, rather than the Harry Winston style. Though she can always hold her own, so don’t be surprised if she strikes out with a plain rose gold band, 6 prongs, and a fabulous quality pear shaped diamond.

Diamond Shapes
Cushion – Glamorous. She prefers the best of everything, and wants a ring that reflects that…and anything within a 3 mile radius. This bride is a stunner, never one to leave the house without mascara, who appreciates life’s little (and big) luxuries. She’s feminine, and soft, with a sweet spot for anything glittery. Look for her diamond on a dazzling micropave band, set in platinum, of course.

Perfect Princess Cut Engagement Ring

Princess – The princess cut lover has had her wedding planned since she was 13. Now that she’s got the perfect guy, she’s ready to don the diamond she’s been dreaming about since then. With a stand-out hearts and arrows pattern, crisp edges, and a dedication to this shape, she’s a no-nonsense perfectionist. But that means everything should be perfectly beautiful. 

Diamond Shapes

Emerald Cut – Nothing but luxe for the emerald cut lover! She prefers the less-is-more approach. Think a supple black Mansur Gavriel bucket rather than a monogrammed Neverfull. Think Choos instead of Loubs. Think a large, impeccably cut, damn-near flawless diamond with minimal facets to distract. Now you’re thinking like her.


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