/Diamonds & Diamond Rings – A Novice Approach

Diamonds & Diamond Rings – A Novice Approach

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Learning About Diamonds and Diamond Rings – A Novice Approach

One of the most interesting aspects of diamonds (and the diamond rings they are displayed on) is not only their looks, but what makes them look as bright and brilliant as they do. Creating the appearance of fire, or the flash of color in a diamond, takes the expertise and refined skill of a true artisan. It is no coincidence when facets are cut so precisely and with such symmetry; craftsmen indulge their senses and creative niches to express aspirations.

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Now, let’s delve into the meat of what to look for in a diamond and how it can be expressed in ring form. In several sequences, this process will help even the most novice of diamond enthusiasts and the casual buyer. Since knowledge is power, we are going to take you on a brief journey to provide fact-based information as a service to all.

Cut of a Diamond

First rule of diamond ring bling… get the right cut! The cut of a diamond is where it all begins. Without the proper cut, the appearance can become quite odd or dull. Diamond cutting experts have a goal with each stone to ensure its brilliance, fire, and scintillation will adhere to very high standards of the buyer. At the time of transitioning from raw to elegant, cuts are made with specific measurements in order to avoid losing the opportunity to create the glimmer and shine potential.

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These facets ultimately establish the shape and overall appearance before being set in a ring or some other form of jewelry. To develop the even look takes careful cuts which, in turn, build the symmetry necessary for achieving balance; unless the ring, necklace, or other type is designed for unusual curves or shapes accompanied by other gems and precious metals.

So customers are able to discern the rating of a diamond for its appeal factor, so to speak, a system created by the GIA, Gemological Institute of America, available to address the four C’s of diamonds. Already described is the cut, then there is clarity, color, and carat. As a means to measure how a selected diamond rates, anyone at any level of understanding about this precious stone can successfully derive exactly what kind of stone they prefer.

Cost:  Keep it Real

One obvious aspect of selecting the perfect diamonds deals with cost. Those of a more prosperous life will most likely have the means for choosing a more precious stone of greater weight, or the carat, yielding to only the limit of their imagination. Others, making up the greater majority, are in the more practical category due to budget constraints.

Nonetheless, a diamond, no matter how much it costs, those on the receiving end will determine how much it is cherished and the kind of memory created. After all, it is there perception that counts the most; just ask an engaged bride.

Coming Up for the Diamond Novice

In the next segment on diamonds and diamond rings, the color, clarity and carat are described along with engagement trends, giving a great deal more towards helping any fortunate soul who seeks to indulge, even if only a little, to purchase that awe-inspiring diamond. Allow your imagination to help take you to places where diamonds can be expressive; where they can speak through their radiance; or where the ambiance of its impression will invoke your precious stone palate.

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