Why You Can’t Tell The Difference Between Diamonds

Welcome to Can’t Week! Sounds negative, right? I know, but it’s necessary. Back in the day, in childhood team sports, we were always told never to say the C word (not that one). It was self-fulfilling/self-defeating, and the ultimate sign of weakness, or something. We had to run laps or do pushups. So maybe it’s a delayed reaction, but this week I’m all about what I can’t do. What we can’t do. And definitely what you can’t do. And today I’m here to tell you you can’t tell the difference between diamonds. Here’s why.

Why you can't tell the difference between diamonds

Unless you are a GIA graduate gemologist, in a white, sterile room, using the high tech tools of the trade, you cannot accurately tell what color a diamond is. Sorry. I don’t care if you scored perfectly on the XRite color identification challenge. You just can’t. Every time a customer is adamant that they want an F color diamond (or whatever), I have to battle the urge to pull a fast one, slide an H color on their finger, watch them admire it, then yell “GOTCHA! THAT’S AN H!” Somehow I don’t think that would end with a sale & a happy customer.

old mine cut

But I yearn, yearn like the Little Mermaid does in that grotto, to tell them they’re missing out. They’ve got their blinders on and are ignoring a whole world of options that will save.them.money.

Sometimes it’s good to stick to your guns. If you know you want a G-K range color, GIA certificates only, I’m not going to give you a hard time. You already sound smart to me. I will gladly search for a diamond that meets your color requirements, and even your clarity requirements, as precise as they may be. I will tell you I’m going to include stones less than .10cts under your desired carat weight, because it will save you lots o’ money and again: you can’t tell.

Pear Shapes engagement ring

No one can tell. Unless they are measuring your diamond with a millimeter gauge or removing it from its setting to weigh it. Not even your best friend’s obnoxious co-worker (the one upper) is going to bust out those tools over margaritas. Tell her it’s 3 carats and watch her get jealous. She can’t tell it’s 2.94ct (and why does she care?!)

Old European Cut

You also can’t tell me you can see the inclusions in a VS 2 and it’s gross. I don’t believe you. I think Beyonce got you too attached to the word Flawless. And no I can’t go an entire week without mentioning Beyonce, apparently. Anyway, you can’t see the inclusions unless your contacts are custom made, loupe-level magnification. Even an SI inclusion can be hard to see, especially when you’re typically wearing your diamonds, not submitting them for inspection under proper environmental circumstances.

Now, I’m not saying you won’t spot the difference between a D, Flawless 4 carat and an M, I3 2.5 carat. But I’ll bet you (imaginary, internet) money that you can’t tell me which of these rings contains the “better” stone:

Solitaire round brilliant vs. halo round brilliant


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