/Do Men Wear Promise Rings?

Do Men Wear Promise Rings?

There hasn’t been much talk of men wearing promise rings since the Jonas Brothers’ sported theirs. Since it’s often women that are recipients of promise rings, it has everyone asking the question, do men wear promise rings?

Many people view promise rings as a symbol of pre-engagement. That means they’re perfect for both men and woman to wear. In fact, many millennial couples that are looking for new and unique ways to showcase their relationship use promise rings as a token of fidelity, exclusivity, and commitment.

Promise rings allow you to invest very little in a ring that will ultimately be replaced in the future by an engagement ring. They make great gifts for birthdays and holidays. And you can get them at most jewelers. 

What do promise rings look like?

When shopping for a promise ring for men, you may notice (depending on where your shopping) that they often come in the form of a wedding band. This is extremely common, especially when shopping at luxury jewelers. 

The really great thing about promise rings is that just like with engagement rings there really is no designated design for them. They can be customized specifically to fit your wants and needs. You could have one with an emerald gemstone (click here to read about gemstones for men) or one with a fancy diamond in the center. It all depends on your personal taste. 

Do men wear promise rings?

So circling back to our original question, do men wear promise rings? Yes, of course, men wear promise rings! In fact, more men wear promise rings than you probably know. It’s kind of silly (especially in 2018) to assume that only women wear them in the first place. We now live in a world where men and woman are equal and that means sharing the same taste in jewelry. 
Jewelry isn’t something that is limited to women – there are so many wonderful pieces out there that are made for men including watches, bracelets, and yes even promise rings. And that’s why at Raymond Lee Jewelers we don’t put limitations on you. Here, you are free to pick out whatever piece you’d like and even get advice from one of our expert service advisers about it. 

Final thoughts

What are your thoughts on these promise rings for men? Would you buy one for your man? Or are you a man who would buy one for himself? Let us know in the comments below!

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