What to Look For in Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

Emerald cut engagement rings are a beautiful sight that are often few and far between. Emerald cut diamonds themselves are rarer “in the wild” than brilliant cuts, because they are a fancy cut.Completely unique A Jaffe. emerald cut halo engagement ring

Fancy cuts are a step outside of the round brilliant norm, so their appeal is to a slightly smaller audience. However, those that love them can’t get enough! Fancy shapes also have different quality standards than round brilliants when it comes to shopping.

Fancy cuts like cushion shapes need higher color grades because they show color so strongly. Fancy cuts like ovals and marquise and pear shaped diamonds call for better cut grades because without one, they have a dark, bow tie effect in the center of the stone (exactly what it sounds like. The middle of the rock looks like it’s sporting black tie.) Emerald cuts, of course, call for all of the above – plus impeccable clarity.

Platinum diamond and emerald emerald cut halo engagement ring

Because of the tiered, step cut facets, emerald cuts show their flaws right up front. Therefore they simply call for the best of the best! And the bride who wears an emerald cut agrees. This sleek, elegant shape is perfect for showing off refined taste and a great quality diamond will fit the bill.

Emerald cut halo engagement ring

When shopping for an emerald cut, you want to look for clarity first. With an emerald cut, don’t dip below a VS when shopping for solitaires. Adding a halo will earn you wiggle room, as long as the inclusions are minimal and the stone is “eye clean.”

3 stone emerald cut engagement ring

Color on an emerald cut should be no less than H, and ideally G. Again, something with a little more color can handle some “distractors” in the form of gorgeous gemstone accents.

Cut should be very good on an emerald cut diamond, so maximize the reflections and refractions in the minimal facets.

Gorgeous emerald cut halo engagement ring

As far as carat weight goes, it’s the same old story. Buy a diamond a little bit “shy” of the ideal carat weigh you’re looking for. This will save you beaucoup bucks without sacrificing how big the diamond looks. Especially thanks to emerald cut’s elongated shape, these diamonds tend to look larger than their square and round counterparts. They also have the added bonus of elongating fingers and looking beautifully elegant on the hand.

A Jaffe solitaire emerald cut engagement ring - so unique


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