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Engagement Ring Facts

Endlessly pinning engagement rings is fun. Trying on engagement rings is fun. Slipping your very own engagement ring is one of the best feelings ever, but it takes some time to get there. We’re not even talking about the process of finding and dating and falling in love with your soon-to-be partner, but rather the process of finding an engagement ring itself. Once it becomes fairly clear that marriage is something both halves of the couple want, it’s more than likely that at least one of you has started looking at rings. Whether you’re pretty open to what you want (eh, make it sparkly. or not. Diamonds are cool, but maybe sapphires?) or you’ve known since shortly after birth that it was a 3 carat cushion cut with E color and VVS clarity or bust, the process of finding your perfect ring still involves a little bit of research. And it’s no surprise that more than ever, couples start the hunt for their engagement rings online. So we liked this infographic that highlights other, maybe less obvious engagement ring facts. For instance, did you know that the engagement ring is a tradition that dates back to ancient Egypt, not an ancient DeBeers boardroom? And that it takes the average groom about three months to find the one ring to rule them all? Note: gents that does NOT mean you should be spending those three months worth of your salary – only spend what you feel comfortable with, not any set rule or guideline (that “suggestion” was in fact dreamed up by the good people of De Beers.We also like the sneaky ways of 21% of the ladies who visit a jeweler on the sly. Listen, there’s nothing wrong with going and doing a little preliminary research. The people of Tiffany will understand (although a local jeweler is more likely to spend longer with you, guide you through the different shapes, diamond education and metals. Not to mention save your favorites in a client file should your partner come in to do some investigation of their own.) Anyways, this little infographic is a fun way to wrap up a Monday by the numbers.

Elements of an Engagement Ring
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