Top 10 Engagement Ring Facts and Trends

Simply Bridal have outdone themselves with another fun infographic. They’re sharing their chart outlining the top 10 engagement ring facts and trends. It may come as no surprise that grooms take their time to make sure the ring is just right (3 months is nothing compared to a lifetime of happiness!), that brides aren’t shy when it comes to shopping for themselves, and that most guys still get down on bended knee (though that shouldn’t be a requirement.) Read on for the rest!

Engagement Ring Facts

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 Can we talk about the number one trend I notice among first time ring buyers? It’s not halos. It’s not even rose gold. It’s decision paralysis.

Ring shopping with a first time groom can be a long appointment. It’s to be expected, that they want to know as much as possible about the center stone (sometimes too much), what they’re getting for their money, and exactly what the finer points are between white gold and platinum metal. I have personally had a groom-to-be (who happens to be a friend and someone who I cannot WAIT to see propose to his beautiful bride) tell me, straight-faced, that he could see the difference between the amount of inclusions in a VVS1 and VVS2. He was not holding a loupe. He also still needs convincing that while a D Flawless, Triple Excellent diamond is obviously #goals, a shopper on a budget can still score a jaw-droppingly beautiful G colored, VS2 round brilliant for a less-than-Beyonce-level price tag.

Engagement Ring Facts

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More and more couples are shopping together for the ring, and often a woman finds a ring she loved that she’d seen on Facebook or Pinterest. But she doesn’t saying YES right then and there, or even excuse herself to use the restroom/refresh her champagne/take a phone call outside (thus allowing Future Groom to talk nitty gritty with the salesperson and “surprise” her.) Rather, the guy gets very excited, ready to fork over the cash/financing info, but the female counterpart hesitates. She needs more time to shop around, or isn’t sure and just wants to keep looking at a few more designs. Both patterns are understandable, but unexpected. Especially given that they’re very millennial-specific trends and I am One of Them.

Engagement Ring Facts

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ANYWAY, there are 9 other trends and tips on this infographic, all of which are interesting, some of which #HintHint at this tendency toward over-researching

Top 10 Engagement Ring Facts and Trends


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