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Engagement Ring Repair

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Most jewelry stores have a jeweler on staff that can do your engagement ring repair. Some things to keep in mind when looking for engagement ring repair are the following: It is important to know how long the jeweler has been in business if you have to leave your engagement ring repair with them. If they are brand new to the area you may want to be wary leaving your engagement ring repair in the store. Check to see if they have business reviews online, maybe you can see if they are rated with the B.B.B. The best thing to do is to find a well established local jeweler. Check out there store.

Do they have nice inventory? Is the staff friendly? Ask the staff to let you see the work shop where your engagement ring repair will take place. Sometimes jewelry stores will do your engagement ring repair while you wait and let you watch. Not all jewelry stores will. Make a note that there will be an additional charge for while-you-wait engagement ring repair service. Stores that have jewelers who operate a laser welder are also a plus. Using a laser welder to do your engagement ring repair can save your ring from being damaged by the heat of a torch. Sometimes, if it is a major engagement ring repair, your stones may have to be removed. Most likely this can be avoided using a laser welder.

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