Engagement Rings Under $15000

Last week, I shared some of my favorite engagement rings under $5000. This week, I want to kick things up a notch – let’s check out what a budget of $15,000 gets you. First of all, this budget is generous – you’re going to get a damn fabulous ring. The average engagement ring across the whole US for 2016 was $5978 – but couples in certain locations spent a lot more. In South Florida, we typically see a bit of a higher spend than the average, and requests for engagement rings under 15000 are pretty frequent.

Now, unlike our $5k budget, this budget grants you more freedom to choose a designer setting, while leaving plenty of room to add a center diamond (if you don’t want to keep the cubic zirconia that comes with our designer rings.) Granted, some of our fabulous Tacori RoyalT settings will take you right up to a $15,000 budget. Typically I wouldn’t recommend choosing one unless your budget is double that (so you can also choose the perfect whopper of a diamond to set in it.) BUT! I know the heart wants what it wants, and we see couples at DBRL all.the.time. who buy a setting they love and plan to upgrade for a diamond later (especially helpful when both DBRL and RLJ offer upgrade services.)

But that example is an extreme. Most of our designer settings are under $10,000 (and even most of those are waaaaay under $10k.) And anyway, today I want to show you ready-to-wear rings. It’s easy to look on DBRL at all the gorgeous settings, find one that won’t take up your whole $15k budget, then play with our diamond search tool to find a diamond that will complete your ring. Instead, I’ve collected rings mostly from RLJ that are ready to go with live center stones, plus a pre-loaded Henri Daussi beauty (remember, all the Henri Daussi rings you see on our sites are ready-to-wear. And these are all under $5000!) I also tried to stay as close to $15,000 as possible. There are like a kajillion rings on either site that are a lot less ($6k-$7k especially) so I tried not to include those too. I really want to show a realistic representation of this budget. And – mea culpa – I included two that are a smoonch over $15k, but I really really think they’re worth it. Ok, a little less conversation a little more diamonds in action.

Engagement Rings Under 15000

I don’t have a hand-shot for this Tiffany & Co. Lucida solitaire and it’s going to drive me nuts so I’ll just get it out of the way first. But that’s not the best way to refer to a GORGEOUS GIA certified 1.35ct Lucida cut (H color, VVS2 clarity.) This estate piece comes with its original Tiffany box and a price tag significantly less than its retail – $14,995.

Engagement Rings Under 15000

Ok this is one where I went just a tad over budget. It’s $15,945. I know. BUT it’s a two carat stunner so…It’s a K color, VS2 set on a classic platinum band.

Engagement Rings Under 15000

Last one over budget, promise! And I’ll make up for it with the others that are way less. This beautiful 2.03 carat asscher cut is EGL certified G in color, SI1 clarity. It’s set in a micropave 14 karat white gold halo that’s the perfect addition to those clean step cut facets.

Engagement Rings Under 15000

 This fancy yellow Henri Daussi is a gorgeous example of engagement rings under 15000. It’s $13,250 and the center diamond is a lovely GIA certified cushion cut Y-Z color, SI1 clarity and weighs in at 1.36ct. It’s surrounded by .80ctw of white diamond halo and pave, all set in 18kt white gold.
Engagement Rings Under 15000This breathtaking emerald cut draws all eyes. The center stone is a 1.79ct J color, VS1 clarity that anchors .85ctw of G color, VS clarity micropave set in platinum.

Engagement Rings Under 15000

Finally, let’s all admire Perfect Halo. Perfect Halo has been in the RLJ showcase for years, attracting admirers from all over – but still she waits for the perfect bride. This Danhov floating halo was the first engagement ring I ever *subtly* sent to my now husband – before I ever saw it in person, before I even worked for RLJ & DBRL! It still holds a special place in my heart, espeeeeecially set with this 1.07 F color, VS1 clarity round brilliant. Like I said – Perfect.


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