Engagement Rings Under $20000

Engagement rings under 20000 dollars – welcome to the final installment in our “what kind of ring will this get me?!” Series. I’ve already covered:

Engagement Rings Under $5000

Engagement Rings Under $15000

In the past, I’ve also covered:

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And that’s really just scratching the surface of budget exploration. Because those are JUST the rings we have online! And JUST the ones closest to the budget listed! You should see the magic we work – on a daily basis- when a client comes in and says “I have $7,000, what can I get?” Seriously, we pull out all the stops, we create custom work, we pair just the right diamond with just the right setting…it’s what we love.

But today, I’m focused on engagement rings under $20,000. This is a generous budget, so you can expect some fabulous engagement ring eye candy! Once again, I’ve avoided choosing just settings from Diamonds by Raymond Lee – but with this budget you can choose pretty much any setting in the store, from any designer, and still have room in your budget to add an amazing center stone. These rings though, are ready-to-wear and ready to go!

Engagement Rings Under 20000

This gorgeous 2.10ctw vintage style ring boasts a 1.80 carat round brilliant center stone.

Engagement Rings Under 20000

This gorgeous fancy yellow halo is a rare fancy colored fancy cut diamond – a stunning rose cut in a floating halo.

Engagement Rings Under 20000

Here’s another splash of color, this GORGEOUS Ceylon sapphire, a devastating oval cut with beautiful diamond trillions. It’s technically a cocktail ring but if sapphires work for The Duchess, they work for us, right?

Engagement Rings Under 20000

The rare, ready-to-wear Tacori engagement ring! This solitaire form the Ribbon collection features a 1.95 carat, G color stunning round brilliant.

Engagement Rings Under 20000

I’m obsessed with this halo – it’s a “mini” version of my favorite 4 carat (if you can consider a 2.04 carat diamond mini, in any way.) It’s a K color, VS2 round brilliant surrounded by .13ctw of micropave set in white gold.

Engagement Rings Under 20000

Who doesn’t love a Tiffany & Co. engagement ring? And when it’s an unexpected marquise?! Even better. This solitaire features a 1.23 carat F color, VVS2 marquise with platinum protection on its most delicate points, and a classic setting all around.

Engagement Rings Under 20000

This gorgeous setting is SO unique! It’s an 18kt white gold style, set with .20ctw of round brilliant accent diamonds. The center stone is a pristine D color, VVS2 1.13ct round brilliant, certified by GIA.

Engagement Rings Under 20000

Finally, I have to show you this fancy pink marquise. It’s a GIA certified .70ct fancy light pink diamond, set in rose gold and surrounded by round brilliant pink diamonds. The side stones are gorgeous white trapeze cuts, all set in a contemporary three stone halo on an 18kt white gold and diamond band. It’s fabulous!



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