Engagement Rings Under $5000

Engagement rings under 5000 dollars are BACK! I’ve shared a few of these budget series before, and I want to kick another one off today. I’m starting with $5k engagement rings and I’ll go up from here, but this budget is a pretty common starting point among the clientele at Diamonds by Raymond Lee. What’s a little misleading though, is that they’re looking for settings under $5000 – with extra set aside for the center stone. I’ve written about this before, in “Does that price include the center stone.”

At RLJ, it’s a little more straightforward, because most of our rings there are estate, and thus ready-to-wear (check out these and other different types of engagement ring categories here.) So if you come in with a budget for an engagement ring under 5000 dollars, you can see the rings already locked and loaded with a center diamond in your budget. This is in contrast to the designer settings, which are set with Cubic Zirconias so you can get an idea of what the finished piece will look like. I love showing off our designer settings, but I don’t want to show you a gorgeous ring that’s $4,300….and also needs a diamond or another center stone. There are more and more couples who opt to keep the CZ in a setting they love and upgrade the center stone at a later date, which is a great choice among many. In past budget engagement ring roundups I’ve also included lower priced settings that are like $1700, thus leaving plenty of room in your budget for a beautiful diamond.

But, today I really want to show you all-in, ready-to-wear engagement rings under 5000 dollars. Not a penny more.

Engagement Rings Under 5000

A classic princess cut solitaire is beautiful, and a high quality diamond ensures that the focus is on a beautiful center stone.

Engagement Rings Under 5000

Opting for a non-white diamond can actually save you money. While some fancy colors are more expensive than white diamonds, champagne/cognac/brown diamonds aren’t. And setting it in rose gold makes a warm, unique ring.

Engagement Rings Under 5000

I love a pear shape, and this three stone even uses pears as the side stones! It’s a standout look that’s so different than the usual round or baguette side stones you’d see with a pear center.

Engagement Rings Under 5000

We all know a halo makes your center stone look way bigger – and this antique number is no exception.

Engagement Rings Under 5000

Finally, this emerald cut halo is one of my favorite combos. I love the clean lines of a step cut paired with the extra glitter of all the rounds in a halo, and this 14kt white gold setting is the most stunning partnership.


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