/Gemstone Kitchens! Jewelry for your home!

Gemstone Kitchens! Jewelry for your home!

Gemstone Kitchens! Recently I took a trip to Marble of The World in Fort Lauderdale.  I was shocked and amazed to discover that gemstones are now being used as countertops and tiles.  In reality there are many stones that are durable enough for use in the home without worry about damaging them if treated with care.  There were many options available made out of Onyx, Quartzite, and other Chalcedony variations.  My personal favorites were Bronzite and Labradorite. Bronzite is which is a rich earthy brown with golden and bronze like flecks within the stone.  Its chemical composition makes it perfect for home use.  In fact it is between 12-30 percent iron which is the secret to its strength.

Labradorite, the cool thing about labradorite is that it changes colors depending on the light of day and the angle in which you look at it.  Overall it has a grey to black appearance but have flashes of blues and greens when light hits it.  For the person who has everything this would be a great new look to your home.  Of course all of these stones look great in jewelery too.  At Raymond Lee Jewelers we have a wide variety of pieces with rare and unusual stones like Labradorite, Kunzite, Jade, Tigerseye, and Moonstone, come in and take a look.

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