How Long Does it Take to Make a Wedding Ring?

Thinking about proposing for Valentine’s Day? EEEEEEE! I am so excited! But we have to pump the brakes. Maybe just lightly tap them. Just while we first answer that most important question, how long does it take to make a wedding ring?

Well, are you really asking how long does it take to make a wedding ring? Or do you want to know how long it takes to make an engagement ring? There’s a difference!

How Long does it take to make a wedding ring

These are wedding rings. In a big way.

This is an engagement ring, also in a big way.

This is an engagement ring, also in a big way.

A true wedding band shouldn’t take more than shipping time for its turnaround. Unless you are super super customizing a designer brand, it shouldn’t take more than a week or two, because it just needs to be sized – you aren’t worried about prongs or halos or side stones that need to coordinate with the carat weight and shape of your center diamond.

When it comes to engagement rings, however, there’s a different timetable. Don’t freak out – there’s still time to get a ring before Valentine’s Day! But your options are a little bit more limited. Let’s explore how long it takes to make an engagement ring.

I need that sucker like, yesterday.

How Long Does it Take to Make a Wedding Ring

These are all estate!

My friend, blink twice if there’s a shotgun aimed at you from somewhere offstage. No? Ok cool. You want an estate ring or a ready-to-wear ring! Estate means pre-owned (think vintage, antique, and even modern rings.) Ready-to-wear is pretty self explanatory, but you can read more here.

They typically only require cleaning and a quick prong check to ensure every stone is beautifully secure. However if you’ll need re-sizing, add a few days to a week to your timeline.

We’re going custom, baby.

How Long Does it Take to Make a Wedding Ring


Sorry. Odds are very good you’re not proposing on February 14th. But you can still do it before March! Check it:

The typical custom job, from consultation to delivery averages about one month. HOWEVER, this timeline is the most variable because it’s hugely dependent on:

  • How fast your jeweler works
  • How fast your designer works
  • How fast you respond to the designer
  • How complicated your ring design is.

If you want the smoothest, easiest design process, exchange phone numbers with your designer or diamond adviser and establish an open and friendly communication with them. I’m not saying you should get wine drunk and text them to check on your ring, but I’m also not saying it’s cool to ghost on an e-mail chain where a simple decision like prong shape could de-rail your ring’s timeline and therefore your proposal.

Tacori or Bust.

How Long Does it Take to Make a Wedding Ring

Tacori, I’m willing to wait for it. (You didn’t think I’d miss a Hamilton reference opportunity, did you?

I don’t blame you. Tacori engagement rings are amazeballs. They do take a bit longer than some of our other designers, but you can generally expect each of our designers (besides Henri Daussi’s ready-to-wear creations) to arrive in about 4-6 weeks, sometimes as short as 2 weeks. It depends on exactly which designer you fall in love with, and the size and shape of your dream center stone. If you want to pop a radiant cut in a princess cut setting, it won’t add time to your ring’s arrival date, but changing it to a pear shape just might.

I just need to make a few adjustments.

How Long Does it Take to Make a Wedding Ring

Let’s solder a wedding ring on there, while we’re at it.

Expect a 2-4 week wait for your perfectly customized designer engagement ring. This means that if you love the halo on one Tacori ring, but want to match it with the band from a different setting, it’s doable and free, but it’ll likely take about a month. For Verragio let’s say 6-8 weeks to be safe.


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