How Much Should You Spend on a Diamond, Realistically?

How much should you spend on a diamond

How much should you spend on a diamond? Guys, you know I can’t tell you this. I know, I’ve failed you. But this should come as no surprise consider I can’t…

Tell you how much a 2 carat diamond costs

Tell you how much a Lauren B engagement ring costs

Authenticate your Love Bangle

Or even tell you how much you should spend on an engagement ring. Oh, wait, that’s what we were talking about in the first place.

How much should you spend on a diamond

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The answer, of course, depends on so so very many other factors. What’s your salary? How much do you enjoy sleeping on the couch? How big are your intended’s hands? How much do you – or she – care about pretty, sparkly diamonds?

How much should you spend on a diamond

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Most importantly, how much are you comfortable spending? And what can you honestly afford? If your answer is a hearty chuckle, a single tear of mirth, and a firm “Literally nothing,” then you aren’t shopping for a two carat D Flawless emerald cut, you know? And it doesn’t matter if I say “Apply this formula exactly” (which is delightful nonsense anyhow) – you shouldn’t buy any ring! If you’re exaggerating (only slightly) then you need to explore alternative center stone options, and definitely explore financing.

If, however, you’re asking what I think you are, you’re looking for examples. You know that ultimately you’re the only one who can decide how much you should spend, and you likely have a ballpark figure in mind. You just want to know how far that will go. Which is why I think you should definitely check out…

Engagement Rings Under 5000 Dollars – Settings Only

Engagement Rings Under $5000 Henri Daussi Edition

Engagement Rings Under $5000 – Ready to Wear

Engagement Rings Under $5000

How much should I spend on a diamond

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Notice a theme? $5000 is the average between the dual national averages that most couples spend on an engagement ring. And that’s a fantastic budget that, as you can see, will score you an amazing ring. But if your budget is $3000, don’t despair. And if your budget is $10,000, don’t assume that you will just get a rock twice the size – remember, diamonds don’t increase in price in a linear (or sane) manner! The best thing to do, again, is to look for visual references. Check out some $3000 rings here, and what a $10000 ring looks like here.

So, how much should you spend on a diamond? Only you can answer that question, my friend. But if you’re asking it, you’re already on the right path – just remember you’re looking for visual evidence. In fact, some might even call it shopping. If you’re still exploring your options, definitely start online first, then work your way up to your favorite local jeweler. We’ll be waiting!



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