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How to Decide Between Princess Cut and Cushion Cut Diamonds

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There’s a lot involved with choosing the perfect ring. One of the first things to consider is which type of diamond you want in your setting. Today we’re going to take a look at two types of diamonds: Princess cut and Cushion cut diamonds.

Throughout the years’ people have been increasingly opting in for more non-traditional shaped diamonds such as pear-shaped, princess cut, or even halo shaped diamonds. While round diamonds are a popular choice for a simple traditional diamond cut, it’s not the only option on the market. Every diamond has its own unique shape and characteristics. Each diamond is cut to different specifications and has different clarities that impact the overall look of the diamond itself. Princess cut diamonds and cushion cut diamonds are two very popular diamond shapes and today we’re going to discuss the difference between the two. We are also going to share some of our favorite rings with you. Enjoy!

Cushion Cut Versus Princess Cut

Both cushion cut and princess cut diamonds offer a square-shaped focus diamond for an engagement ring setting. Although they are both square and both very similar they are also very different. Cushion cut diamonds often feature softly rounded edges that tend to provide more of a romantic feel. Whereas Princess cut diamonds are often more defined and pointy which offers a geometric look to the ring. It really comes down to personal preference. 

Cushion Diamonds

Cushion cut diamonds often resemble a pillow because of their softly rounded edges. Originating in the 19th century these subtly shaped diamonds were originally referred to as the “mine cut” diamonds. Each cushion cut diamond is unique in its own way but all are sophisticated and elegant. Especially if you’re in the market for a vintage-inspired halo ring – putting a cushion cut diamond in the center of one of these is a brilliant idea. 

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This beautifully styled Victorian halo engagement ring in 18k white gold features an impressive 0.30ct cushion cut center diamond. It is accented with 0.51 carats of pave diamonds which offers a modern-day twist on the traditional ring. This ring is ideal for anyone who’s caught in the middle between a cushion cut and princess cut diamond.


Henri Daussi AZP66 18k White Gold Cushion Cut Victorian Style Halo Engagement Ring, Cost: $4,290.00

Featuring a stunning yellow double halo cushion cut diamond in the center this Henri Daussi double halo engagement ring in 18k white gold. With a beautiful 0.70ct cushion cut diamond in the center and yellow and white accent diamonds, this ring is simply amazing.






Henri Daussi ADY 18k White Gold Cushion Cut Double Halo Engagement Ring, Cost$5,148.00

In this white gold cushion cut diamond halo ring, you can really see the softly rounded edges around the cushion cut diamond. This 18k white gold halo engagement ring showcases a stunning 0.57 ct cushion cut diamond center along with 0.79 ctw pave accent diamonds to top it off. It’s a beautiful ring ideal for any queen.

Henri Daussi AMDS601O 18k White Gold Cushion Cut Diamond Halo Engagement Ring, Cost: $5,814.00

Princess Cut Diamonds

Princess cut diamonds can be traced back all the way to the 1960’s when they were developed by Arpad Nagy. It was originally named the “profile cut” and for years it was the second most popular diamond there was. These square shaped diamonds are modern, elegant, and glamorous all in one. When used in ad solitaire or three-stone engagement ring, nothing can go wrong with a princess cut diamond in the center. 

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This Gabriel & Co. white gold halo ring is the perfect ring for any princess. Featuring a Lindsey style halo setting in 14k white gold and approximately 0.29 ctw accent diamonds you really can’t go wrong with this one.








Gabriel & Co. White Gold Princess Cut Halo Engagement Ring, Cost: $1,650.00

This glamorous Gabriel & Co. Halo Engagement Ring Setting is the ultimate resemblance of glam & glitz. Featuring a gorgeous diamond halo center stone this Gabriel & Co. White Gold Victorian Style Engagement Ring has also approximately 0.61 ctw of Accent Diamonds. The ring is very ornate with its vintage detailing. It’s the perfect setting for a princess cut diamond.




Gabriel & Co. White Gold Princess Cut Halo Engagement Ring, Cost: $2,260.00$3,015.00

Neil Lane offers this brilliant 14k white gold princess cut diamond engagement ring with 0.55 ctw of round accent diamonds on the band. You can really see the squared edges of the center princess cut diamond in this ring – they stand out beautifully. This ring is an amazing option for any bride to be.




Neil Lane 14k White Gold 0.83ct Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring, Cost: $3,3395.00

Final Thoughts

As you can see, princess cut and cushion cut diamonds are very similar. What it really boils down to is just a matter of personal preference. It all depends on whether you prefer a more softly rounded diamond or a more edgy diamond. Hopefully, after reading this article you are able to decipher the difference between the two. Which type of diamond do you prefer? Princess cut or cushion cut? Let us know in the comments below!

Looking For Something Different?

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