/Pricest of the iPhone 5 Cases

Pricest of the iPhone 5 Cases

The long anticipated iPhone 5 has just been released to a crowd of buyers. It’s the lightest and thinnest iPhone to date and includes an impressive array of features including Brilliant 4 inch Retina display, faster Wi-Fi and an ultra-powerful A6 chip. Predictions are that iPhone 5 sales will reach over 48 million units by the end of this year. It is just about the most sought after digital device on today’s market.

While millions can afford the iPhone 5, only a select few select millionaires can express their uniqueness by purchasing the most expensive iPhone 5 cases in the world. According to Yahoo News, it is offered by The Natural Sapphire Company in New York with a price tag starting at $100,000 and is 18 carat white gold adorned with 2,830 blue Ceylon sapphires from mines in Madagascar, Thailand and Sri Lanka. The Apple logo leaf is formed by a marquise-cut green sapphire, while the apple is created with 38 rubies. If this exquisite jeweled case is not select enough for you, it’s possible to order special customization.

World's Most Expensive iPhone 5 Case - $100,000

The Natural Sapphire Company specializes in natural, untreated sapphires. They participate in mining as well as sales and are believed to have the world’s largest collection of natural sapphires. They also have an impressive collection of sapphire rings. One of their most exclusive offers is a $1.5 million 69.35 carat oval blue sapphire ring, which is one of a kind.

Many may be in awe of the bejeweled sapphire case, well out of range of most people’s purchasing ability; however with so many iPhone 5 cases on the market at much lower prices, there is something special available for everyone. It makes sense for you to purchase a special iPhone case that reflects your individuality.

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