Is a Halo Engagement Ring Right For You?

The debate between halo vs. no halo engagement rings only grows stronger. Like the swirling cloud of dragon’s breath and kicked up ice zombie snow gathering over Westeros, it feels like the final battle between halo lovers and haters is on the horizon. One camp simply adores the added dash of sparkle, the other despises everything about it, and ne’er the twain shall meet. But what if you’re…undecided?Is a halo engagement ring right for you

Don’t gasp, guys. It happens more often than you’d think. A bride just doesn’t know how she really feels about halos, is perhaps conflicted about their popularity, or trendiness, or the overall look. She sees some she loves, but then turns around to swoon over a solitaire she likes too. If this scenario sounds familiar, I’m here to ask the important question. Is a halo engagement ring right for you? A halo might be your best bet if…

You’ve got champagne taste on a Miller High Life budget.

Is a halo engagement ring right for you

There’s no denying that a halo makes your engagement ring look bigger. It’s part of what propelled this style to its massive popularity at the height of the Great Recession. Couples who couldn’t compromise on price didn’t have to compromise on visual impact, thanks to halos that can add up to two carats’ visual weight to an engagement ring.

Budget isn’t an issue, but you firmly believe that more is more. 

Is a halo engagement ring right for you

You can get really intricate with your setting, adding a mouthwatering amount of carat weight (ahem, Tacori RoyalT) or creating something cutting edge. But when you want to really go all out, you can’t beat a halo. It’s like putting a tiara on your queen sized diamond.

You’re a girly-girl.

Is a halo engagement ring right for you

If you love all things glam, don’t fight the glitter. Because a halo is made up of lots of smaller diamonds with hundreds of facets to bounce light around, your whole ring will look like it’s dusted in glitter, especially if you add some micropave.

You just love the look.

Is a halo engagement ring right for you

If you find yourself drawn to the same style over and over, why fight it? If your saved posts on Instagram are an Ode to Halos, don’t ignore that. If you double-tapped every damn day on an Easter egg sized oval perched on a micropave band, you wouldn’t second guess it. Don’t do the same if you just can’t quit halos. Ignore any naysayers, quiet your doubts, and follow your heart. Or, you know, encourage your partner to follow theirs all the way to the jeweler.

Is a halo engagement ring right for you

Is a halo engagement ring right for you? Only you can answer that. But when it comes to engagement rings, only two things matter. 1) That you only buy a ring you can afford – no matter what that looks like and no matter what your budget may be. 2) That you love it. That’s it.


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