/It’s Your Story

It’s Your Story

It’s the beginning.

It’s every time you re-wrote the rule book.

It’s the uphill climb.

It’s the late nights that turned into watching the sunrise.

It’s that you once thought only about where you want to go, but now you have someone who makes you care about how you get there.

It’s the feeling like you’ve finally met your match.

It’s the new and beautiful desire to make someone else happy, that makes you happier than you could ever imagine.

It’s refusing to settle for the status quo.

It’s the beauty of the unknown, the daring to dream, the deep breath before you leap.

It’s the journey.

It’s no longer caring about the destination.

It’s caring only about the person along for the ride beside you.

It’s love.

It’s a new adventure.

It’s everything you’ve always needed, but never knew you wanted.

It’s another chapter. A familiar face. An unknown ending. A horizon of unexplored plot twists.

It’s forever.

It’s your story.

Who will help you tell it?

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