/Jewelry Terminology: Princess Cut

Jewelry Terminology: Princess Cut

Princess cut
Princess Cut

In jewelry terminology a princess cut is a term that you may have heard quite often. The princess cut is an other name for a square modified brilliant, the second most popular cut shape for diamonds, next to a round brilliant. The term princess cut refers to a diamond with a  square or rectangular face-up shape and a profile similar to that of an inverted pyramid with four beveled sides.

A fairly new diamond cut created in the 1960s, it is a more distinctive alternative to the popular round brilliant cut. This has caused the princess cut’s popularity to sky rocket in the past decade. Both display a high degree of brilliance but the princess faceting style is very unique and completely different from that of a round brilliant. The Princess cut has a step-modified “Double-French” or “Cross” cut crown and has a unique series of chevron-shaped facets in the pavilion. These features combine to give the princess cut a distinct cross-shaped reflection when the stone is viewed directly through the table.

The princess cut diamond retains about 80% of the rough diamond, while the round brilliant retains only about 50% of the rough. Due to this a square princess cut diamond tends to be slightly cheaper than a round brilliant cut diamond of the same carat weight. The princess cut is popular amongst diamond cutters because of its ability to retain more crystal weight.

– Carlos at Raymond Lee Jewelers

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