/Men’s Gold Wedding Bands: Four Top Trends – Tanya Zilinskas Naouri for JMR

Men’s Gold Wedding Bands: Four Top Trends – Tanya Zilinskas Naouri for JMR

Men’s gold wedding bands are considered to be a timeless classic, but there is much more potential to this traditional precious metal than a simple yellow gold ring. Here are four of the hottest current trends for men’s gold wedding bands, some of which may surprise you.

Colored gold in unique hues

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While gold may enjoy the exclusivity of being the only naturally yellow metal in existence, many shoppers are reaching for men’s gold wedding bands in new and unusual colors. Because gold is naturally soft, men’s gold wedding bands have almost always employed another metal as an alloy to make them more durable and dent-resistant. This no doubt led to further experimentations in potential gold colors, including the highly sought after white gold.

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Using different alloying metals nearly any color of gold is possible, including the unique but increasingly popular rose gold, green gold, black gold and grey gold.
Rose gold has become more frequently seen in mainstream jewelry stores as of late, and has a distinct vintage-inspired look. Rose gold was actually highly popular for men’s gold wedding bands during 19th century Russia, and as a result became colloquially known as “Russian gold” for a period of time. Rose gold is most commonly created from an alloy of gold and copper to obtain its reddish hue.

Less frequently seen but undeniably eye-catching is green gold, which is usually made from an alloy of gold and silver. Green gold offers more of a subtle olive tone rather than an emerald color, although the addition of a tiny amount of cadmium can result in more vibrantly green rings. Like rose gold, green men’s gold wedding bands can come in as high a karat purity as 18K.

Black gold can be created through a number of methods, including electroplating or controlled oxidization using a cobalt or chromium alloy mixture. The end result can range from a darker charcoal grey to a deep jet hue. Grey gold has a rich taupe-y shade, and is made using a specific formula of silver, copper and manganese in addition to gold.

“Upcycled” gold

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The price of gold as well as ethical and environmental concerns has led to one particular trend: “upcycled” (or recycled) men’s gold wedding bands. Instead of creating a necessity for more gold mining to keep up with demand, consumers are utilizing pre-existing gold for their men’s gold wedding bands.

While there are a number of green jewelers and manufacturers that specialize in men’s gold wedding bands made from recycled gold, some men these days are choosing to use their unwanted items of gold jewelry to be melted and re-formed into their own custom designed wedding ring. Others, along with their brides, accept donations from friends and family members that are transformed into matching wedding bands.

Diamond accented bands

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What better way to enhance men’s gold wedding bands than to add diamonds? Men are increasingly turning to diamond rings for their wedding bands – some to get a ring that is closer in style to their bride’s band, some simply because they want an additional touch of luxury. One of the most popular styles of men’s diamond wedding rings is eternity bands, though even within that particular style the number of options is truly dizzying. Whether they are nestled in traditional yellow gold, modern white gold or any of the other eye-catching gold colors, diamonds are a perfect complement to this rich metal.

Two tone rings

Why settle for one gold color when you can have two? Two tone men’s gold wedding bands allow their wearers to match their ring with nearly any other item of oft-worn jewelry (like watches or cufflinks), and are perfect for those struggling to decide between gold colors. The most commonly seen combination, of course, is yellow and white gold, though given the rainbow of gold color options, the possibilities are truly endless.

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