Mixed Metal Wedding Rings

Last week’s gallery of ring stack inspo has multiples of bling on my mind. And while I love (loooove lurve) a gorgeous, highly textured pile of gleaming white metal and diamonds, the eclectic in me got me thinking about mixed metal wedding rings.

It just makes sense that a jewelry collection lovingly built and curated over time would have multiple metals. Even if you are a snow white Irish Norwegian descendant whose concealer shade is – I kid you not – “Vampira”, you step outside your comfort zone/preferred metal choice occasionally. So while I know I should stick to yellow gold or rose (because it is glorious and universally flattering) sometimes I just love a white metal, ya feel me?

And my wedding rings are white gold! With white and fancy yellow diamonds (I fretted about the yellow but I’m so glad my husband proposed with them) And I never think twice about wearing yellow gold necklaces or rose gold cuffs AND white gold earrings. Sometimes all at once. I know that mixing metals is a personal preference and some women like everything to match (or at least coordinate) but I just love the layered look.

Pairing my (now nearly vintage, oy) 13th birthday gift with my college graduation gift, plus my wedding ring and a bracelet picked up while traveling lets me wear treasured memories from very different times and places. It makes sense that they don’t perfectly match. They serve their purpose – one of my favorite functions of jewelry – storytelling.

So when it comes to mixed metal ring stacks, let your rings tell your love story, or at least reveal a little bit of your personality. A classic platinum solitaire. A funky vintage yellow gold band. A ruby-studded ring that honors the birth of your first child. Your grandmother’s promise ring. They all combine for a layered look that might not match, but perfectly coordinates. Do I sound crazy? Allow me to illustrate.

Mixed Metal Wedding Rings

I love this matchup. The engagement ring is the famous “Tifany” ring stolen around the internet. In reality it’s a Verragio Couture floral inspired setting. I love it paired with this rose gold Henri Daussi band that plays around with different setting styles.

Mixed Metal Wedding Rings

See? Told you I was pale. Anyway, this is a Tacori twin set with a Petite Crescent halo and a gorgeous, classic eternity diamond ring. The magic happens in the middle, with a rose gold Pretty in Pink scalloped wedding ring.

Mixed Metal Wedding Rings

Mixing metals, mixing designers! The engagement ring is a square Gabriel & Co. halo and the two rose gold eternity bands are by Uneek, and Diamonds by Raymond Lee carries tons of other pretty rose gold eternity bands too.

Mixed Metal Wedding Rings

It’s Perfect Halo! Back again! Seriously. How. has. this. ring. not. sold. yet? Anyway, here it is, being perfect with two Gabriel & Co wedding rings, white gold on top and yellow on the bottom.

Mixed Metal Wedding Rings

The perfect complement to the twists and turns of this Gabriel halo? Two delicate, no nonsense yellow gold eternity diamond bands.

Mixed Metal Wedding Rings

Finally, here we have a trio of Henri Daussi gorgeousness. The split shank double halo is magnificent on its own, but when you add the single prong band and antique style rose gold ring? Perfection.


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