/New Rolex Submariner 2010

New Rolex Submariner 2010

watch sellAll luxury watch connoisseurs look forward to new and improved timepieces every year.  This year at Baselworld 2010 was no different as the 2010 Green Rolex Submariner stole the show.

Maybe the most anticipated Rolex in years, the Green Submariner is back.    It has been years since drastic changes have come to this classic diver’s watch.  The biggest change without a doubt is the new ceramic bezel.  In the past the bezel on the stainless steel model was of course stainless steel.  In 2008 the two-tone submariners were being produced with ceramic bezels and now in 2010 the stainless steel models will follow suit.  Also, the markers on the new bezel will be made in platinum.

Another surprise to the Submariner is the addition of a green dial to the 50th anniversary green bezel watch.  In 2003 when the green bezel was introduced it came with a black dial.  Now, the green bezel will be accompanied with a green dial.  The new look is absolutely exquisite.   The green dial color comes from mixing yellow-gold powder with aluminum powder.

The third change comes to the shape of the case.  The size remains the same (40 mm) but the lugs come wider.  This gives the watch a bigger look since larger watches have been in fashion over the last few years.

The 2010 green Submariner ($7,900) is poised to sell well despite it’s increased retail price.  The black dial also sees an increase in price from $6,000 to $7,400.


Seth at Raymond Lee Jewelers, one of South Florida’s largest watch sellers.

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