/‘Tis the Season to Sparkle and Shine: New Years Eve Accessories

‘Tis the Season to Sparkle and Shine: New Years Eve Accessories

Social soirees are as much a holiday tradition as caroling, hot coco and wrapping presents. Weather it’s an office party, charity ball, family gathering or a champagne-soaked New Year’s Eve bash, no other time of year presents so many opportunities for fabulous fashion and bright, blingy accessories. So forget trimming the tree and try these tips for trimming your holiday party wear.

Amp up a little black dress

Finding the perfect thing to wear to a holiday party can be challenging, especially when it means elbowing your way through crowded stores and hauling a stack of options into a packed fitting room. The good news is, a little black dress is always the perfect choice. The bad news is, everyone else will have the same idea. You’ll need to do some serious accessorizing to stand out in a sea of LBDs. Statement necklaces are an on-trend way to add a pop to a neutral backdrop. Rubies, garnets or emeralds are traditional choices for holiday parties. But, tread lightly because red and green tones can look costumey during the Christmas season. For a less traditional choice, try trendy yet sophisticated sapphires. Or, take a cue from Megan Fox and pair your LBD with a chunky turquoise necklace. Channel you inner diva and stick with the classic bling of diamonds and throw on a flashy pair of red heels. Don’t limit yourself to short necklace styles. A long metallic necklace gives the illusion of a long and lean silhouette.

Keep fashion in hand

It’s practically criminal that formal wear and party dresses don’t have pockets. Every woman needs a place to stash her celebratory essentials. Keep lipstick, powder and mints tucked away in a pretty clutch. As an added bonus, holding a clutch prevents fidgeting during awkward small talk. Once deemed too matronly, Princess Kate brought the clutch back to the height of fashion. The royal sartorial icon is rarely seen without a coordinated clutch completing her outfit. Glittering sequined versions from Kate Spade, or studded and grommeted versions from Michael Kors are perfect for glamming up and party outfit.

Don’t forget the hair

After spending weeks planning your party outfit and accessories, don’t phone it in by sporting your everyday hairstyle. For a look with modern sophistication, try sleeked back tresses with a classic ponytail or chignon. Or, for a more romantic look, opt for big soft curls. If you have kept the rest of your accessories simple, holidays are the perfect time for fun hair accessory. Take inspiration from Zoey Deschanel and pop in a big, jeweled comb over one ear with a simple up do. Or, for a look that is part glam, part earth mother, opt for a jeweled band worn on the forehead at the hairline. Both Taylor Swift and Nicole Richie are pros at this look.

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