6 Rules For Proposing and Why They Are Stupid

6 rules for proposing. What a concept. It developed, as all unrealistic demands related to weddings do, on Pinterest. This was before Pinterest’s algorithm change made it as personalized and non-commercialized as Facebook. Those halcyon days of your home feed filled only with pins from people you actually followed. The good old days. And once upon a time, in one lowly jewelry blogger’s home feed, was a grainy pin with a picture of a pretty engagement ring. In bold, typewriter font, a series of edicts declared to all the Millennial world the 6 Rules For Proposing.   THAT BLOGGER WAS Read More →

7 Things You Need to Know About Getting Engaged in 2017

Are you hoping for a 2017 proposal? Or, ahem, anxiously awaiting a long-anticipated one? Well I’m still holding out hope you’ll get a surprise Christmas proposal – my FB feed is already full of them and they NEVER cease to delight me #ImASentimentalCheeseball. But just in case your proposal is coming toward the tail end of engagement season (or, you know, July) I’ve got some things we should talk about.   1. Diamond Shapes If you’re hoping to get engaged in 2017, you likely fall into one of three camps. You 1. already know exactly what you want 2. have a Pinterest Read More →

Moissanite vs Cubic Zirconia

Let’s chat simulants! If that word sounds sterile I apologize. Obviously nothing can evoke the same warm fuzzies like the word “diamond” can, but I bear no ill will toward these affordable alternative center stone options. Moissanite vs Cubic Zirconia Moissanite and cubic zirconia both stand-in for diamonds for those who don’t want the carbon. Perhaps for reasons relating to: Pricing (these two alternatives cost much less than diamonds) Sustainability (even recycled diamonds just don’t sit right with some people. They prefer man-made options that guarantee eco-friendliness and present zero ethical gray area.) Responsibility (you can only lose so many Read More →

How to Avoid Overpaying For an Engagement Ring

You know I love sharing tips on how to get a great deal on a diamond engagement ring. And that extends to dispensing buyer beware advice too. There are always red flags whenever you make a large purchase – think of that sixth sense you get when a car dealer is trying to sell you a lemon. And because you know I love me a great engagement ring/car analogy, let me assure you the very same thing can happen with unscrupulous diamond dealers and jewelers. Whenever the price is high and the product is complicated, some sheister is going to attempt Read More →

How Much Should You Spend on a Diamond, Realistically?

How much should you spend on a diamond? Guys, you know I can’t tell you this. I know, I’ve failed you. But this should come as no surprise consider I can’t… Tell you how much a 2 carat diamond costs Tell you how much a Lauren B engagement ring costs Authenticate your Love Bangle Or even tell you how much you should spend on an engagement ring. Oh, wait, that’s what we were talking about in the first place.   The answer, of course, depends on so so very many other factors. What’s your salary? How much do you enjoy Read More →