Engagement Rings Under 5000 Dollars- Ready To Wear

Good Morning! You’re here today because you want engagement rings under 5000 dollars and honey, you’re gonna get what you’re looking for because I am armed and ready with some $5000 engagement ring eye candy to knock your Happy Socks off. Because this is such a strong budget, there’s actually a few different ways you can approach it: with ready-to-wear engagement rings, like the ones I’m showing off today, or with settings that still need a separately purchase center diamond, which I will show off next. I’m excited to kick off this series and hope you find The One! First Read More →

You’re Buying a Diamond, Dammit.

Yes, you. And when I use the term “need” I of course use it hyperbolically. No you don’t need it like you need water or air or a copy of Harry Potter and The Cursed Child, but you need one nonetheless. If you’re all “love is all you need” that’s great, but why are you reading an engagement ring blog? Anyway, I recognize your opinion & respect your right to have it and espouse it in the comments using your actual Facebook profile (no cowardly trolls plz only Gryffindor trolls.) Moving on. I recently read and loved this response to Read More →

Engagement Ring Consultation

Yesterday, I was scrolling through Instagram, when I remembered to go through all my pending messages, as one does. (Why, oh why, Instagram, can’t you just let the spammers and real people DM me alike??) Anyway, I got a request from a follower for more details on a certain ring – though it wasn’t a DBRL or RLJ ring. This happens occasionally, someone will see a ring elsewhere, on another Instagram account or Pinterest, and for whatever reason its source isn’t credited (another post entirely, sometimes along the lines of this one.) And I don’t get those ID requests very Read More →

How Long Does It Take For An Engagement Ring To Be Ready?

Today I’m answering one of my favorite questions: how long does it take for an engagement ring to be ready? It’s my fave because it implies several things: The groom is ready to do the damn thing. Our generation (my husband included) tend to research things to death. This groom’s already done his due diligence, and now he wants to know when he can schedule his flash mob/ start buying rose petals and votives/ fly in every member of her family to their upcoming beach vacation/ figure out how to bake the ring into her favorite flavor cupcake (don’t do Read More →

Tacky Engagement Rings

Tacky Engagement Rings – Time to Chat. We’re going to take a break from Tacori Tuesday. Trust me, there will be plenty of Tacori features in the future, but I think I’ll make them less frequent. Of course, if you follow me on Instagram you’ll see #TacoriTuesday live and in action every week. Today I want to talk about tacky engagement rings. And no, this is not another diatribe against Gretchen Rossi’s monstrosity of a fancy yellow halo. It’s about the phrase “tacky engagement rings” itself. What defines a tacky engagement ring? Is it a too-huge center diamond? What passes the Read More →