Sapphire Engagement Ring Settings

You want sapphire engagement ring settings? I’ll give you sapphire engagement ring settings. It’s September’s beautiful birthstone, and I can’t get enough of this gorgeous rock. But first, an apology. Perhaps you noticed I’ve been absent the past two weeks here on Designers & Diamonds (if you have, I love you.) More likely you didn’t but whatever, I missed four opportunities to deliver some of the bling my people want and crave, and for that I’m truly sorry. We had a minor server apocalypse on the RLJ blog and needed to sort out bugs (all hands on deck.) Now all is Read More →

20 Rose Gold Engagement Rings You’ll Love

Rose gold is one of my favorite engagement ring “trends.” I hesitate to call it a trend, because I dream of a day when all three metal colors (white, yellow and rose) populate the engagement ring pool equally. I do think that day is near, with all of RLJ’s designer lines offering most rings in any of those options, or two-tone color combos of any of them. But it seems like white metals still reign supreme, with the occasional yellow gold or rose gold ring making an appearance in the bevy of “I said Yes!” IG posts I see each weekend. Read More →

Are Halo Engagement Rings Tacky?

Are halo engagement rings tacky? To answer this question, we first have to revisit  my post on tacky engagement rings in general. Tacky engagement rings encompass a huge swath of engagement ring styles, sizes, and even specifications… There are engagement ring styles for every bride, and for each of those “perfect fits” there are 5 styles that she’d never deign to wear without gagging. So tacky engagement rings are a matter of opinion, obviously. If we can all agree that tackiness is in the eye of the beholder, why do we seem to keep circling back to the question “are halo engagement rings Read More →

Are You Getting Catfished by Fake Engagement Rings?

GUYS GUYS GUYS! I’m still fuh-reak-ing out. Raymond Lee Jewelers has the most re-pinned engagement ring on Pinterest. I was just minding my own business, happily pinning 20 engagement rings under $2000, when my e-mail, Twitter notifications,and google alerts started exploding. Why? This beauty is popping up all over. So far: Hello Giggles Elle Yahoo The Daily Mail Who What Wear InStyle Grazia Have all swooned over the amazing #RingSelfie our E-commerce director snapped one day, in between running our awesome online showroom (she’s multi-talented.) And nope, I can’t blame them or the 60,000+ Pinners who love it. So expect Read More →

Engagement Rings Under 5000 Dollars – Settings Only!

Good Morning! You’re here today because you want engagement rings under 5000 dollars and honey, you’re gonna get what you’re looking for because I am armed and ready with some $5000 engagement ring eye candy to knock your Happy Socks off. Because this is such a strong budget, there’s actually a few different ways you can approach it: with designer settings that still need a separately purchased center diamond, which I’m showing off today, with ready-to-wear engagement rings like I showed off last week, and even our designer Henri Daussi engagement rings under 5000 dollars! Welcome back to the engagement rings under 5000 Read More →