Lucky You – Pot O’ Gold Engagement Rings

Is anyone else having St. Paddy’s Day confusion? It’s not until tomorrow – and a Friday, no less, – so I don’t know why both Chicago and South Florida held their parades last Saturday. While green beer flooded the streets of Wrigleyville and my friends in South Florida donned their best shamrock bikinis, I kept pinching myself because a) I wasn’t wearing green and b) St. Patrick’s Day isn’t until tomorrow. Anyway, I guess that gives us an excuse to celebrate twice, right? And while Jameson certainly has its place, I think here at Designers & Diamonds we should celebrate Read More →

EGL vs GIA – Just The Facts

I’ve written a lot about GIA, EGL, and diamond certificates in general. Typically, I’m pretty passionate (read: opinionated!) But I realized that I might be missing a bare bones, to-the-point breakdown of these two major grading labs. Just the facts. So I want to share a few tidbits about each, saving my biased opinion for the end. Here we go, EGL vs GIA. EGL (European Gemological Laboratory): EGL was established in 1974 and employs a staff of over 1,100 – many of which are scientists, certified diamond graders, and educators. EGL’s international locations are found in cities such as Paris, Read More →

Is a Morganite Engagement Ring Tacky?

Is a Morganite engagement ring tacky? If you’re a regular reader you likely know what I’m about to prattle on about. If not, please see: Tacky Engagement Rings Are Halo Engagement Rings Tacky? Big Engagement Rings Are Tacky? Ok, back to the topic at hand: Morganite engagement rings and their alleged tackiness. Morganite is a blush pink stone that’s a member of the beryl family. Like its cousins emerald and aquamarine (this month’s birthstone!) It’s a relatively hard gem, with a solid 7.5-8 rating on the Mohs scale of hardness. It’s considerably less expensive than emerald, and makes an appealing Read More →

I Hate Halo Engagement Rings

Some exasperated souls – 4, precisely – found my blog because they queried “I hate halo engagement rings.” Welcome, ladies (and gents?) I have to admit immediately that I don’t hate them. But! I understand why some people have a strong aversion. Check it: Are Halo Engagement Rings Tacky? Some Non-Halo Options Halo or No Halo Engagement Ring? That’s The Question 5 Reasons NOT to Get a Halo Engagement Ring And the original: Are Halo Engagement Rings Tacky? Anyway, I get it, I really do. But rather than dwell on the negative, let’s look on the bright, brilliant side, shall we? That’s Read More →

The Best Engagement Rings This Month

Happy Fat Tuesday! I’m making jambalaya & king cake, and attempting to eat all of the leftover chocolate from V-Day before tomorrow (LOOOOOOL I don’t have any leftover chocolate. Ever.) Anyway, it’s also the last day of February! So while you chow down on some pazcki (from Dinkel’s if you know what’s good) I want to present to you the findings from my February research into the best engagement rings. On my quest to find the most beautiful engagement rings I see sooooo many gorgeous baubles – Heidi Gibson & Stephanie Gottlieb make my mouth water on the daily. But Read More →