/A Ring Box With Camera That Gets The Proposal in HD

A Ring Box With Camera That Gets The Proposal in HD

If you’re a regular reader, you already know that I think you need engagement photos. Not engagement portraits that you take after you say “Yes!” Not adorable photos to use as Save the Date postcards. Nope, I’m talking pictures of the actual engagement. The snapshots can come from a professional ninja photographer or a professional photographer who’s snapping away under the guise of whatever the groom-to-be has cooked up (it’s a photo shoot for the local magazine, it’s for your sister’s wedding video, it’s for my uncle’s dog walking business, etc., etc.) When a pro-photog isn’t in the cards or budget, a friend or family member with an iPhone will more than suffice. As will an adorable, old-timey photobooth. And now, grooms-to-be trying to abide by the Pinterest rules, you have another option: a ring box that captures the proposal on camera.

Oh yeah, in our world of “Pics or it didn’t happen“, millennials in particular want – nay – need to share the proposal experience with their family and [Facebook] friends. That’s something that Michigan startup Ring Cam tapped into with first hand experience. When one of the entrepreneurs’ besties proposed to his bride, he hired a secret photographer. Unfortunately, the pictures didn’t turn out as well as he’d hoped, and the ninja photographer was unable to get his bride’s facial expressions and reactions. Those sweet snapshots of a teary eye or a suspicious smile are the stuff that proposal pictures are made of! So the groom’s friend, enterprising romantic and co-founder Scott Brandonisio, designed the Ring Cam, a small box with a tiny camera that records the entire moment (hopefully nervous guys remember to hit record.)


William Franks Wedding from Ring Cam on Vimeo.

 Ok good, are we all crying happy tears now? Fabulous. This thing is amazing, and I can only imagine that it will be the hottest proposal accessory this side of a halo setting, especially because these engagement geniuses (not to be confused with Engagement Ring Gurus) are headed to SHAAAARK TAAAAANK. Yes that was an Oprah voice, yes I think they’ll totally get an offer. The camera features “superior audio” so I’m guessing that means at least as good as your phone, and a wide angle, HD lens, so that even the most jittery guys will get some amazing footage. Do I wish this was invented for my proposal? Perhaps. Did I ecstatically e-mail my boss saying we NEED these? Possibly. Do I think that the Ring Cam real proposal videos and I have a date for the rest of the afternoon? Definitely.