Rose Gold Halo Rings That Will Take Your Breath Away

Rose gold halo rings continue to climb higher on the Billboard Hot List of engagement ring trends. This gorgeous and romantic combination appeals to brides who just can’t quit halos, but want something a bit more unique. Enter rose gold halo rings!

Rose Gold halo Rings

A dose of pink makes everything better, and these engagement rings are no exception. Turning a setting rose gold instantly gives the ring a totally different feel. Whereas a halo in white metal like white gold or platinum looks modern and glamorous, rose gold rings add warmth and vintage sensibility.

Rose gold, like white gold and even yellow gold, is an alloy. Pure, 24 karat gold is way too soft for jewelry you’ll wear every day for, oh – the rest of your life. So it’s blended with other metals to make it more pliable, more durable, and shinier. For white gold, it’s blended with other white metals (like nickel, much to the displeasure of any brides with allergies.) It’s then plated with rhodium, a super shiny white metal that gives white gold its luster. Yellow gold is mixed with other metals to create 10 karat, 14 karat, 18 karat, etc. – usually silver and copper. This chart from Alterations Needed is a great visual.


To create rose gold, the alloy simply contains more copper. This gives it that gorgeous blush hue, and it varied from designer to designer – for instance Uneek rings are a brighter, cooler pink, Verragio’s are a true rose gold, and Tacori’s blend creates sumptuous warmth. There’s a rose gold for every bride! And rose gold halo rings are on the menu for today’s engagement ring eye candy.

Rose Gold Engagement Rings

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All eyes on the center ring here! This Pretty in Pink halo from Tacori is a rose gold take on a Dantela design, with .25ctw of round brilliant accent diamonds that perfectly accent your choice of oval, round, princess or emerald cut center diamond.

Rose Gold Halo Rings

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This Verragio halo hails from the Insignia collection. It’s totally customizable to the center diamond of your choice – whatever shape you want – and adds .45 carats to the beautiful 18kt rose gold halo ring!

Rose Gold Halo Rings

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This halo also comes from Tacori’s Pretty in Pink collection, but sticks to a simple rose gold band in favor of a large diamond halo. The Gorgeous, Very Sexy (G, VS color) round brilliant accent diamonds add .31 carats total to this setting.

Rose Gold Halo Rings

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Here she is “in the wild” looking mighty fine paired up with a coordinating Tacori wedding ring and everyone’s fave, the Starbucks Pink Drink.

Rose gold halo rings

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Up next, please let’s all admire this Henri Daussi engagement ring! Henri Daussi has a magic touch when it comes to cushion cuts, and here’s why. This particular ring pairs rose gold with a fresh, light yellow Henri Daussi cushion cut diamond. The center stone is a 1.13 carat, L color, fantastic VS2 clarity cut so its proportions are elongated. The accent diamonds add .33 carats of I color, SI1 clarity round brilliants to this rose gold halo.

 Rose gold halo rings

Bonus round! This rose gold engagement ring isn’t a halo, but it’s my new favorite stack so I had to show it off! The engagement ring is this Tacori Pretty in Pink ribbon style solitaire. It looks perfect paired with a geometric diamond wedding band in the center and a sculpted diamond band on the bottom!

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