/Top 5 Reasons to Sell Your Rolex

Top 5 Reasons to Sell Your Rolex

If you have a Rolex watch earned through your hard work, as a gift, or perhaps you’ve even inherited one, there are some compelling reasons to consider selling it now. Here we’ve listed 5 top reasons why now may be a great time to sell your Rolex watch.

Used genuine Rolex watches are in demand

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Used Rolex Daytona 16520 Stainless Steel Black Dial Watch

The number of people collecting high quality watches may surprise you. This influx of collectors and those seeking to invest money in these genuinely collectable timepieces is significant, and that has lead to some premium prices being paid. If you have a Rolex watch you are considering selling, now is a great time to sell your Rolex watch while this collectible segment is hot.

The Price of Gold and Silver

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Pre-Owned Rolex Yachtmaster 12707 YG Ladies Yachtmaster Watch

Rolex watches have not only collectible value, but real value in the various precious metals they are constructed of. The value of gold and silver adds to the value of your watch, and thus makes it more valuable for those who not only collect these fine watchs, but for those seeking investment pieces. This of course, can mean significant value in selling your Rolex watch today.

Perhaps you are in stage in your life where owning a Rolex has less importance

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Rolex Day Date 18K WG Presidential 118239 Diamond Dial Gents Watch

As we move through life, we place differing values of different things. Perhaps at the time you acquired your Rolex watch, it was a symbol of success or achievement. Now you may be at a point where you are comfortable with your success and that Rolex watch no longer has that significance to you. If that is the case, selling it can make perfect sense. You can use the cash you get for purposes that may have more significance now, perhaps a trip or a significant gift for a loved one.

You find yourself rarely wearing your Rolex

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Used Rolex 18K Presidential 69178 Oyster Diamond Dial Ladies Watch

If you find yourself rarely wearing it in public, it may be a sign that it has lost its usefulness for you. Your Rolex watch can however, can have renewed value in the form of a trade for another piece of jewelry for yourself of someone you care about. It can also be sold for instant cash to use in other investment opportunities or things you may find more useful or get more enjoyment from. If it is sitting in a box somewhere or you just don’t find yourself wearing it much anymore, now is a good time to consider selling it.

You would simply rather have the cash

Your Rolex watch may be worth more, much more than you may realize. We can be a good place to start. We can advise you of what your Rolex watch may be worth, and then you can make a decision whether to sell it or keep it. It is still your choice. Until you know its current value though, you may not be able to make that decision. Contact us and let us value your Rolex watch. The cash you may get for it just may surprise you!

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